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    Random Wires In Cabinet

    Just FYI, here are the factory wire colors for various circuits on 200x Fleetwood/Colemans. The Furnace & thermostat wires will be present, but not connected to anything if you do not have the furnace option. Thermostat: Black, Orange Furnace: Orange, White, Black LP Detector: Black/Red, White...
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    Rivet or Bolt on stepper door connection to swing arm

    See the first 2 links in post #14 above
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    Rivet or Bolt on stepper door connection to swing arm

    The repair parts manual lists it as (obsolete) Part # 1203C8721, rivet, m25 and shows it also using a m10 washer buy the OEM rivet: swing arm kit...
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    Painting tire rims

    Don't forget that when you actually do have a flat tire, everything (frame, axle) will be lower to the ground by 4-6" (i.e, the height of the rubber tire sidewall which is now completely collapsed when flat). So take that into account. A jack that fits and works just fine in your driveway may be...
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    '02 Coleman Sea Pine

    Er... not common at all. I see what may be a scuff mark above the left rear red running light. I'm guessing(?) the PUP hit something in too tight of a turn (or something hit the PUP) and knocked the rear cover loose. If the left rear SIDE panel is not flat/vertical then you run the risk of the...
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    I made patterns out of corrugated cardboard box sides, and taped multiple chunks of cardboard together to get them big enough. Made a rough cut outside the PUP, then sat inside on the bed ends with the window covers unzipped, and snipped away at the template with scissors until they were right...
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    Please help - soft spot in the floor!!

    I'd go back underneath and take a screwdriver and aggressively jab at the wood underlayment and compare what happens when you stab the soft area vs. a good solid area. Also have someone on the inside walk/jump on the soft spot while you look from underneath to try and draw some conclusions...
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    New Owner - Problems Lowering

    Be sure and check your owner's manual for the manufacturers' recommended procedure/order for raising and lowering the stabilizers. Some manufacturers call for them to be lowered before raising the roof, while others call for the stabilizers to be lowered only after you raise the roof. (And...
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    Plastic curtain tabs - has anyone sewn these on before?

    If you get frustrated trying to sew them on, consider a dab of hot melt glue. That is what I use - faster and easier. Your plastic tabs are different than mine, so hot melt glue may or may not stick well to yours.
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    Mini Van Towing ?

    Some real-world (weight scale) numbers for a 2006 Fleextood Cheyenne being towed by a 2017 Kia Sedona LX with 3 adults (550 lbs) + heavy cooler & lots of totally unnecessary junk. PUP weight dry: 2010 lbs (per brochure) PUP weight actual (A/C. battery, 1/2 tank propane, 1/2 tank water, front...
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    Mark Twain National Forest/Trout Lodge/Potosi MO

    2 easy answers are potable freshwater filling at these 2 MO state parks, both about 35 miles prior to your destination: - St. Francis (sometime spelled Francois) St Park - Washington State Park In MO many state parks shut off water for winter at the end of Oct., so you should be OK for that...
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    TV Jack Sufficient?

    And don't forget it has to fit underneath the PUP when the PUP tire is potentially flattened, so assuming you test with a fully inflated PUP tire, make sure there is a 5" (or whatever your PUP tire sidewall height is) gap between the top of the lowered jack and the frame/axle/etc. jacking point(s)!
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    Sealant around hoses and wires

    From the pic I'm guessing that is butyl tape. It remains sticky and gummy forever (i.e, doesn't shrink/dry crack), which is normally a good thing, but in your case has also attracted dirt. If it is butyl, to replace, physically cut away as much as you can (box cutter, etc.), and then the...
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    Popup Vin #'s

    My 2006 Fleetwood has the VIN on a nameplate affixed to the street (left) side of frame, about 2' back from the tongue.
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    Electric brakes troubleshooting

    I'm assuming the brake shoe friction surfaces are not glazed (i.e, it is clear you know what you are doing from your write up, so I suspect you've looked at that) As you now have new magnets, how about trying to de-glaze the armature surface (the flat inner surface of brake drum that the magnet...
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    SS Badger Car Ferry

    Never took a PUP on it, but have taken 2 good trips on the Badger over the years. I remember being impressed at the parking and backing up skills the employees had with various travel trailers, boats, etc. You can't drive on/off yourself - the staff drives your vehicle(s) for you. The (for the...
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    Traveling From Kansas City to Great San dunes NP

    It is not a place to stop overnight, but if you are taking Hwy 24 from I-70 at Limon down to Colo. Springs a neat place to stop and stretch your legs at is Paint Mines Interpretive Park, just a mile south of Hwy 24 at Calhan. We thought it was pretty unique, worth the stop, you can either see it...
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    Trailer Ball Slap

    If your hitch receiver supports it, the Tow Ready J-Pin Stabilization pin works really well (even for up and down slop. At first glance one would think it only helps with side to side). Am*zon and ETr*iler sell it.
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    Need help with name and possible replacement.

    I'd suggest going to a big hardware store, and near the nuts and bolts section there is usually several big slide-out drawers full of misc. hardware. You may find some kind or spring clip that would work.
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    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley Roof

    >>"Anyone have any idea if this is a problem for sure?" No, it is certainly not "a problem for sure". I have a 2006 Fleetwood Cheyenne, which is basically a 10' box version of the 12' Sun Valley. Some units apparently came out of the factory with the seams under the rails not having any kind of...