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    I like Camping Because...

    We, (my wife and I) like camping because it gives us quite time with each other away from the hassles and noise of everyday life.
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    Three weeks to Thanksgiving, who is going camping then?

    We are!! My wife and I have reservation for Thanksgiving week at Palmetto Starte park near San Antonio Tx. This will be our second year we have done this over Thanksgiving. A new tradition?
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    Highwall pup

    We tow our 2012 Flagstaff HW29SC (double axel) with our 2002 F150 supercrew. 5.4 V-8 with tow package
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    Boy, will this start an argument!

    We purchased our PUP because we like to sleep under the canvas. Makes it more like camping. My wife and I don't like to be in a shoe box(TT). We purchased a new 2012 Flagstaff HW29SC last year. Double axle, 16' box at a cost of only $14,000.
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    How big is your camper?

    We have a 2013 flagstaff HW29SC. 16' box, 28' open. Dining room slide. Fully loaded, flush toilet, fridge, hardwall shower, entertainment center with 22" flatscreen tv, stove, oven, microwave, heat, a/c, indoor out door speakers, double stainless stel sink with high rise faucet. 3100# dry...
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    Who is going camping for Memorial Day weekend?

    My wife and I will be spending the entire week at South Llano River State park.
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    I am an electroics tech for the Deoartment of the Air Fiorce.
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    Do you like using a fridge more than using coolers?

    We use our fridge all of the time. In fact, we have the reusable ice packs we use for the drinks in the cooler. I have enough of them that we put half of them in the cooler and the other half are in the pups freezer section so we can rotate them in and out of the cooler.
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    How much vacation time do you have per year?

    I have 5 weeks and 1 Day vacation per year and 13 holidays and 13 sick days/ year. Been working there for 30 years now.
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    LP Gauge

    SAMS club has propane tanks with built in gauges ($29). There is a float inside the tank to operated the guage. Seems to work ok.
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    Palmetto State Park

    We have been there twice. Once on Thanksgiving and again March 2013. Nice little park. There is plenty of space between campsites so you don't feel crowded. Best of all it is only 60 miles away. Have not been there during the summer though. There are some nice trails and tubing down the river.
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    How far would you drive for the right camper?

    We drove from San Antonio Texas to Des Moines Iowa to pick up our new Flagstaff hw29sc. We bought it on line ( at $8,000 savings. We took 9 days and enjoyed it on the way back.
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    Highwall vs Not Highwall

    We have a Flagstaff highwall and love it. We use a F150 Supercrew with a tow package to pull it. I think it takes less time to set up than a standard pup, just because you don't need to set up the kitchen. No cabinets to raise.
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    Any Flagstaff owners?

    We have a 2012 Flagstaff HW29SC and love it.
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    Pup Trailer Lock, theft

    We lock ours with a master lock that installs in the coupler where the ball goes and also a pad lock on the lever that locks the pup to the hitch.
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    Poll. Do you camp with hookups?

    We camp with electric and water hook ups at the Texas state parks. Its only a few dollars more and more comfortable. After all that is why we got the pup. had enough doing without while tent camping.
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    Pop Up and Tax Deduction

    When we bought our pup, we were told it is considered a second home as long as it has a bathroom and shower. Therefore eligible for a tax write off on the intrest. We have not tried it yet as we just bought it in April.
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    Flagstaff 228D

    It sounds good. I am sure you and you family will enjoy it. We bought a new flagstaff HW29SC in April and love it. Have you checked out We bought ours there and got one heck of a deal on it. the only draw back is you need to pick it up at a place you decide, (that is one of...