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  1. Alan

    Hitch Height of Coleman Westlake

    My home was badly burned and everything in the house and especially in the garage was completely destroyed. Now I need to buy a new hitch with a 2" ball to be bale to move our 2003 Coleman Westlake. I think the hitch I used for the trailer from my 2007 F150 4 x 4 Lariat, with the heavy duty...
  2. Alan

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I bought a tent trailer for the open feel it has vs sitting or sleeping in a little closed in room, like a camper or a travel trailer. We like the open air feel of the tent trailer.
  3. Alan

    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    What fuel does your vehicle manufacturer recommend? If they recommend Regular (87 octane) and use Premium (92 octane) you may cause damage to your engine, long term. People have this idea that Regular, Plus and Premium = Good, Better, Best and this IS NOT THE CASE. Higher compression engines...
  4. Alan

    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    You need to research "Octane". Gasoline grade is all about the octane levels and has nothing to do with whether or not it's "better" fuel. Octane is all about compression and making sure the fuel burns upon receiving the spark, and not detonating under pressure (predetonation).
  5. Alan

    "Burning in brakes"

    The "total BS" comment is what is wrong with on-line forums. There's way too much BS spewed by keyboard experts! The best thing anybody can do is their own research regarding whatever it is they're trying to find out.
  6. Alan

    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    So negative...gosh! [LOL]:grin:
  7. Alan

    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    I have lived "out West" all of my life. I certainly didn't need to read or watch any videos to realize everything they learned about the short-comings of an electric truck, or car for that matter, VS gas. It doesn't take much research to know EV technology is not what they want us to believe...
  8. Alan

    Dometic Fridge dead....trying to replace with a dorm type with propane

    Here's my view...if you install a 120V fridge in lieu of the 3 way fridge, you reduce the resale value of the camper. Why not install a different year model of refrigerator that is more reliable?
  9. Alan

    Tow vehicle suggestions.

    I tow a 2003 Coleman Westlake with a 2007, F150, 4x 4, Lariat with tow package and 5.4 Ltr V8. The Westlake is pretty close to what you are going to be towing and I would not tow it with anything less. You will need an electric brake controller as well. Many of the new trucks have them built in...
  10. Alan

    using cruise control

    You don't state why you won't use cruise control...
  11. Alan


    I bought two 6 gallon AquaTainers at Walmart for gray water; one for the sink and one for the shower. I have to empty it after each shower, but no big's just water, so I go water the trees.
  12. Alan


    We love our toilet and shower! It's awesome to be able to get clean before bed...I can't sleep feeling all sticky. The toilet is handy in the middle of the night or on those chilly Fall mornings, when we have to crank the heat in the morning! Cassette toilet is a breeze to care for.
  13. Alan

    Cougar stalks hiker for 6 minutes

    One thing is certain, the media is going to sensationalize everything they can, all in the name of the mighty advertising dollar! This video has made them a lot of money. Aside from that the guy did everything he should have done, except maybe getting too close to begin with. Even if they had...
  14. Alan

    Level isn’t level anymore

    The problem I have found leveling is if you move the level around from place to place it'll read different. I check the side rails, across the tongue and on the floor inside. It's not like they have to be on by a gnat's ass! Close counts in Horse Shoes, hand grenades and leveling a camper.
  15. Alan

    Level isn’t level anymore

    Stick on bubbles are akin to using a torpedo level to plumb a 40' tall steel column!
  16. Alan


    Here you go...this will show you the models with toilet and shower. See attached 2003 sales brochure. We have a 2003 Westlake and love it! The ability to take a shower before going to bed is awesome and the toilet is pure convenience, especially in the middle of the night or on those cold...
  17. Alan

    Do you use the pre-installed stovetop, or do you cook inside at all?

    Yes we cook inside...why have a trailer if you don't use the amenities? The only thing we don't do inside the trailer is poop!
  18. Alan

    Pre-purchase regret?? Advice needed please

    I looked at the camper and it's fairly nice for a small tent trailer, that said, I'm a shopper and you can get something just as good or even better equipped for 1/2 of that price if you shop around and are patient. We're coming into Winter and camping opportunities are very might...
  19. Alan

    How to winterize popup?

    Winterize and cover if you can't fit it in the garage. I bought a cover for ours which keeps dirt and weather off of it and yet allows it to breath. These covers last 2-3 seasons and are pretty cheap insurance. Storing uncovered makes them look like dog doo in a pretty short period of time. We...
  20. Alan

    The trip that don’t exist

    One thing is for sure...times have definitely changed! Who would have ever thought we'd have to make reservations to go camping? Who would have thought we'd be paying $100/month to watch TV or $100/month to carry around a mobile phone/PC thingy? Who would have thought automobiles would cost more...