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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    "The road to heaven does not go through your front yard, so I really don't care if I have your blessing."
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    Parking Lot Camping

    I always assumed they were just spending the night on the way to somewhere else. Why would you "camp" at Walmart? If you can't find a decent campground, just stay home and Camp Driveway.
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    Adding usb out lets.

    If you don't know electrical, have an electrician do it. Or, for the price of those USB ports, you. Old just buy a good surge protector strip that has USB ports on it.
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    Hot Water Tank vs Tankless Water Heater

    I'm getting ready to put an insta-hot in. My pup only has a single push button faucet, gonna take it out and put a small vanity faucet in. Then it's just plumbing to figure.out.
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    Removing Hot water heater Anode Rod??

    Since nobody there power going to the water heater? Could just be a blown fuse. Did it ever work?
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    Camping Greed??

    If your camper never moves and you do, you ain't camping, you're renting storage.
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    Camping with Baby

    Try a yard camping trip first. Also, not sure you can get a pack'n'play in a 3 person tent.
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    1994 Cobra Flagstaff 618-LTD Manual Needed

    I don't have the link, I have it saved on my laptop. I could email it to you.
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    I Bought this thing

    We had one a long time ago that you took the cover off and the ends folded out, and it had ribs that stood up when folded out. That looks just like it. My stupid little brother sold it for 20 bucks.
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    New owner difficult pop up

    Michelle? I have outdoor plumbing.
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    New owner difficult pop up

    This might sound silly, but can you open the door? Tool might be laying inside.
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    Solar panels

    This one is solar and wind
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    Solar panels

    Google "solar power box" and look for options. A simple setup with everything included is not too expensive...
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    Small Electric Heater?

    Never messed with the gas on my pup, because the fridge didn't work anyway. Got a small fan forced heater with a t stat that works well. Only been down to 34 degrees, so if it was gonna be colder than that, might get a second one.
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    Portable ice makers

    I got a dorm fridge off of craigslist for 25 bucks. That's just for food, beverages stay in the cooler. Don't know about where you are, but every time I go camping here in NC I ask the park people- Why don't they put an ice machine by the check in shack? One of the ones that looks like a small...
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    Camping with Baby

    You had me at "liquor stores"...
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    How not to start your first camping trip/experience

    Show of many people here have owned a camper that cost less than 1700 dollars? I got my little popup for 500 bucks and have spent about 200 on repairs and upgrades.
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    How not to start your first camping trip/experience

    I'm smart enough to admit that I don't know everything. So if somebody is explaining something like this to me, I pull out my phone and film it for later reference.