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    Which "Foam Factory" is better?

    I ordered from t he foam factory located in Macomb Michigan. Happy with my purchase. Lux foam
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    Wheel Bearing Seal Size 2000 Coleman Niagara

    I can access the owner manual section of pop up portal but won't allow me to view the pdf's?? I have 2000 Niagara Elte with Dexter axle 5 bolt ' Sticker on axle D35 638085 -2 I am going to repack the bearings and want to replace seals Prior owner also installed bearing buddies. Not sure if i...
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    1993 Rockwood - looking to DIY new curtains

    I used shower curtains, that already had the grommets. I just sewed them to a bigger size so i have flowing curtains instead of the just enough to cover the darn window originals. Also sewed in mesh on bed curtains. For the smaller windows i used the bottom part of the shower curtain that...
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    1999 coleman Mesa. I believe it has the ABS roof..Anyone tried Line x or other

    2000 coleman niagara Bought with the entire front portion of the roof delaminated and a homemade fiberglass job over the delamation. (well my husb brought it home after i told him to make sure abs roof was good) Took it to linex they removed entire abs roof and sprayed and then painted white...