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    More on quality of the new PUP's

    We too have to remember that there are installations the dealership has to make before showing/selling the unit, at dealership expense, so profit margin may be a bit lower. And, the periodic cleaning of a displayed unit ain't cheap.
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    How to handle a long trip?

    I try to be on the road before 9am, and off the road by 3pm to allow set up time before collapsing from exhaustion! This seems to come out to about 400 miles a day or so, with stops for gas/potty/food. I have made the 1100 mile trek to FL from MD in one day, but stayed at a friends house upon...
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    Heated Mattress Pads

    I don't believe a heated mattress pad set on a low setting (ie., 2-3) would affect an air mattress. The pad only heats the area where there is weight. It might cause the air in the mattress to expand, but I think the coolness of non body areas would offset the slight amount of heat.
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    What can I store in a pop up?

    I store everything except food and items that will freeze in my PUP. I use totes under dinette seats, etc for linens and other items.
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    Fleetwood Niagera lifting problem

    Check your owners raise the roof fully and lightly over crank it, which resets the prawl/crank. An audible clicking sound should be heard when cranking up or down. (Page 19 of owners guide).
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    What is your camping history?

    US Army PUP tent as a kid (boy the crickets loved it), a tree fort going into teen years. After marriage/kid 1, cabin camping, then into tent camping and now the rolling condo - my Niagara PUP.
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    How long does it take you to take down your Popup camper? How many helpers?

    If I've packed up the inside, wiped counter down, the actual closure process takes me about an hour with no help. My health makes me take breaks, so 2 hrs including breaks. If i have help - it's maybe 30-45 minutes.
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    What made you get a pup?

    My health issues pretty much said I could no longer tent camp, and rather than give up camping, I bought a PUP. No regrets.
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    What camping gear are you buying for Christmas presents/or hoping to get as one?

    I am again hoping for Santa to renew my camping memberships, roadside assistance, gas card. As to gear, I've got too much at present to want more.
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    Heated Mattress Pads

    I usually camp with electric, and have the Sunbeam heated mattress pads on both bunks, and hook up in cool weather. Everyone who has camped with me agrees that having the mattress warm where laying is great for sleeping. Before getting them, I could feel the cool from under the bunk end...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, December 2012?

    I closed her up and moved back into the house after 2 yrs of living primarily in the PUP. Boy does she need a bath - might have to wait till spring or at least a warm rain to clean the roof.
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    Help getting in pop-up

    What about a set of straps/loops attached to the roof of your PUP? I don't know your wife's weight, but if it is primarily for balance, she wouldn't be putting full weight against the straps and no issues for the roof/supports. Something to think about.
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    Life's Unexpected Curves

    It's been ages since I've posted here. 2004, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have suffered pain and nodules, as well as weakness and exhaustion. That was when i decided to give up tent camping, and bought a 2006 Fleetwood Niagara. 2007 I broke my right arm and leg, and I continued...
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    AC - Is there any maintenance?

    The filter(s) need to be cleaned regularly, and according to my owners manual, the condenser coil needs annual cleaning.
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    dead tv battery

    Yes - if pigtail is connected to tow vehicle. This is why your owners manual will tell you to disconnect the pigtail if taking a road break for more than a few minutes. I used to pre-cool my fridge by hooking up an x-cord to the fridge directly (behind vents), then when ready to roll, plug...
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    How long does a tank of propane last you?

    Using the furnace, I get about 23 burn hours out of a 20 lb. tank of propane. If just using water heater, stove, grill, a tank will last all season (and maybe then some).
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    Anyone remember the simple days?

    Oh yea..... my 74 Duster had a flip down back seat and a folding mat and I spontaniously 'camped out' many nights with just a box of canned food (dinty moore), canned heat and a change of clothes and of course a roll of TP. I often wonder why I gave it up...then I think of comfort, my current...
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    Odd converter behavior

    I was told by my service person not to run my PUP AC off my house 15amp circuit as the compressor has a higher initial draw and it can burn out. Accordingly, I've since installed a dedicated 30amp recepticle for my PUP. You are concerned about the 120 volt setting on your fridge...I believe it...
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    What age did you start taking your kids camping

    I took my eldest cabin camping when she was 7 yrs old. I was pregnant, so a tent was too much for me solo. We did this for several years before graduating to a tent.
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    Anyone Regret Buying New???

    I bought new back in 06, and have no regrets. It was very reassuring to have the warranty, and not have to worry about something crapping out within a year or two of purchase. My PUP is showing some wear now, but, I've been using it as a spare house for over a year while working on the main...