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  1. J

    2001 Coleman Sea Pine crank ratchet won't engage.

    Thanks for the info, I wont panic if i get to the campground and dont hear the clicking
  2. J

    2001 Coleman Sea Pine crank ratchet won't engage.

    Phil , i dont know what availability there is on wiffle tree parts , i know there are some dealers that carry coleman parts i cant remember there names but could find out. Also if it cannot be fixed another option you could look at is a company called they carry a wiffle...
  3. J

    2001 Coleman Sea Pine crank ratchet won't engage.

    Mr Phil, we had a similar problem with ours many years ago. we came home from a trip and needed to raise the roof , it cranked up but would not click. I drilled out the 2 rivits on the cover for the pawl to inspect the gear and lever, i just operated the lever a few times and everything worked...
  4. J

    Powhatan in NC

    We are going to Powhatan in june, it will be our first time in that area. look foward to hearing how your trip goes. Have a safe trip
  5. J

    So, what did you do for your camper, November 2015

    washed and waxed it today, also changed the bed rail ends. getting ready for some holiday glamping at disneys fort wilderness.
  6. J

    grand canyon

    hi everybody, we are going to be going to the grand canyon in june. we will be taking our pup and staying at mather campground ,i was wondering if anyone could recommend a loop and site. I know some are pull throughs that have the door on the road side which I would rather not have, any advice...
  7. J

    Hey there! From Central FL

    welcome from west central fl , hernando county
  8. J

    Leaf Springs...

    I know carries leaf springs , also if you know who built the axle for example if it is dexter you can buy parts from them directly.
  9. J

    unicoi state park ga.

    hi we are planning a trip to Unicoi state park in Helen GA next month, I was wondering if anyone has been there and has any tips on what to do and must sees. I looked at some reviews on another web site, which were older posts and was wondering if anyone has been there recently. What is it...
  10. J

    Camping near Cape Canaveral FLA.

    we stayed at jetty park at port Canaveral last summer, it s not to far from cape Canaveral. we camped there and went over to the space center. jetty park is a county park, I don't remember which county and is on the water, they have a beach. the big cruise boats also pass by the campground...
  11. J

    DW Ft. Wilderness 1st Trip

    glad that you had a good time, your kids will never forget it. camping can be rough in the summer here, now you have to plan a trip there in the cooler weather.
  12. J

    The Music Game

    Love will keep us together, Captain and Tennile
  13. J

    The Music Game

    What a fool believes Doobie Brothers
  14. J

    Ft. Wilderness here we come.

    you are going to have a great time there, we go a couple times a year and love it. just to mention a few things that the kids would probably like they do a campfire and a movie under the stars with chip and dale visiting with the kids. you can also go down to the settlement at 9:00 and watch the...
  15. J

    Jetty Park (FL) Memorial Day Weekend

    we just spent four days there , we were on site 235, it was a full hookup site on the grass. It was a nice size the site. the bath house was right behind us which was nice, the only draw back to that was sometimes people would cut between our site to get there. It was nice to watch the cruise...
  16. J

    Coleman Owners new and Old?

    We love our 2003 Coleman cottonwood, getting ready now for a 4 day trip
  17. J

    Can anyone recommend a campground in or around Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, Tenn?

    We stayed at a place called adventure bound , it's just a short drive from Gatlinburgh. It use to be called crazy horse years ago. We were there about five years ago, our kids were pretty young and they had a great time. They have a pool,game room and a nice water slide.
  18. J

    Coleman died. New Jayco!

    congratulations, just curious what part of your lift system failed, parts availability is something that I am concerned about to.
  19. J

    Awning bag unraveling

    That happened to ours about 5years ago and we took it to a upholstery shop and they restitched it for 30 dollars. They did a really nice job and it has held up well.
  20. J


    unfortunately we have to cancel to due to my son's big homecoming weekend. Lot's to do and we need to be home. We have site 78 reserved and we will be canceling so it will be available by Saturday. Hope everyone has a great time, maybe we will see you all next time