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    Rocky Roo 233s vs Coachmen Apex 28le

    Thanks! We decided on a Grey Wolf 26bh, it's 4750 lbs and 26 feet. With a real good wdh anti sway and having the burb tuned up and given green light from a friend mechanic I feel pretty safe and confident. We'll still take two vehicles though to haul bikes and the extra people and keep our...
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    Rocky Roo 233s vs Coachmen Apex 28le

    Considering both of the above models. TV is '03 1500 Burb. Costs are both around 20k. Appreciate any input. My main concern is ease of towing and dependability.
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    I'm back

    Hi all, took a long break (18 months) from camping due to frustration with our '98 Coleman Yukon (wood and roof rot) and with fitting 7 people in it. We are possibly purchasing a new Roo 233S and hoping to save some on the price at the RV show. We tow with a '03 Burb 1500 and though we looked at...
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    calling all MotorHeads, 2001 Ford E-Series Wagon E-150 Traveler

    Thank you for all your advice. Gonna put off the decision until next spring as we have only one more camp trip this year due to schooling demands. Possibly gonna go with a beater Jeep to use in the bad winters for 4WD and for towing in the summer months. Also, I kind of like taking 2 vehicles...
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    calling all MotorHeads, 2001 Ford E-Series Wagon E-150 Traveler

    The Ody is getting a bit cumbersome to tow with. We have 5 growing kids and a light-ish Coleman (dry weight just under 2000). Looking at used vans in the area. What do you think of this one: Thank you for your time and help. I...
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    Little door for electrical cord on outside

    The little door on the outside of the PUP that closes the electrical plug in cord has broken off our PUP. I was ok with not having it but the cord tends to escape and come out while driving and I've dragged it on occasion. SO, any suggestions on where to get a replacement door or how to make...
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    Our little family of ten just bought our first pop-up!!!

    First of all: congratulations on your new baby and on your big family! Welcome to the portal and I think you will find lots of brilliant minds willing and eager to help a fellow PUP owner. I think you will find that with the right can-do attitude you'll get those problems fixed quickly and get...
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    Realistic expectations

    My advice is if you see one you like at a dealer, low ball them and then walk away, wait a week and call them back. We kind of got ripped off at Lloyd Bridges in Chelsea. But we were WAY too naive going into it, so lesson learned. Also, being in MI there are some very nice state parks located...
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    Re-gluing Roof Seal - Which glue?

    I used an adhesive called 'Shoe Goo' that I got at ACO. It held the roof gasket parts (the seal and the plastic that the roof attaches to) together really well and also held the entire gasket to the roof forming a water safe bond. I made the mistake of attaching a new gasket to the roof last...
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    Interlochen State Park

    Excellent! We are headed there in July and I can't wait!
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    How do Y'all Handle Dishes?

    We use as many paper products and plastic ware as possible. (I don't want to spend all my camping time cleaning dishes for a family of 7, it's my vaca too.) Here's how we clean the other stuff: 1. Fill an old 30 cup perc coffee maker with water and plug it in. 2. Clean any solid food particles...
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    Harrisville State Park

    We just got back from 5 nights at Tawas Point SP, site 44. It was FANTASTIC. Very nice park to explore and quiet during the week for us because schools weren't out yet. I recommend the Tawas Pt Grill which is located near the light house, BEST ribs I've ever had in my life and fresh cut french...
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    Question: Platte River Campground

    Thanks for the valuable input! For this year we reserved at Interlocken SP which is about 25 minutes from Sleeping Bear (I think). Platte River is on our must-visit list for when the kids get a little older though.
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    Roof safety braces

    How do you do a suspension check? and how do you check cables. Lately when I crank down the roof on the '97 coleman it falls the last foot or so, is this normal? I did just grease the wiffle tree and the cables all look fine. When you crank all the way up/down are you supposed to crank the...
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    desperately looking for new bag awning

    UGH, I procrastinated and we are going camping in 4 weeks. I need a replacement awning for our '97 Coleman Yukon, the rail is around 9 feet long. Does anyone have a company I can call, I really want to keep it under 250$ and want something weather tight as I'm sure MI will be rainy this summer...
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    Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras

    Baron, what mental picture did you have that is correct? I've reread this thread which began as a simple observation (or rant) that some folks at campgrounds seem oblivious to their effect of smoke and lack of clothing on others and I am a little surprised at the assumptions people have made...
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    Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras

    One more thing, I was sad when the Asian older couple left camp, they were super sweet and cute and I was hoping to chat with them. Their site was by the drinking water so I said 'hi' a few times. They had a cool tent that attached to the back of their minivan. My 5 year old boy is addicted...
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    Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras

    I'm chuckling reading this, it was meant to be a funny/ironic post. hard to convey in words alone. I wasn't upset, mad or offended at the VERY large woman wearing a tan WIFE BEATER (men's sleeveless tee shirt, ribbed) that was practically see thru and left nothing to the imagination. She did...
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    Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras

    Twisty, I was not implying that she was a homosexual, just that she looked like she could beat me up and might enjoy doing it. Did my post imply that I was trying to infringe on her right to walk around without a bra? no. Just pointing out that it seems there are several such cases of folks...
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    Smoky fires and large busted women not wearing bras

    Well..... I can't even imagine what I'd say to this person without a bra on, I was honestly kind of afraid of her. Did anyone see 'Monster' with Charlize Theron? she was kind of like that. The other lady was the cutest Chinese granny I ever saw. Sorry if this is racist.