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  1. HiFiDave

    Good by to Orville and those here

    Awe thanks folks! Kind souls you surely are. Over many years on the internet, I have gone through forums with hobbies such as my audiophile craze, then the digital SLR camera for a while, target shooting/reloading and then the wonderful and clearly the best, our pop up camper years. Going out...
  2. HiFiDave

    Good by to Orville and those here

    It is with very heavy hearts we have parted ways with our Coleman E1 a.k.a. Orville. Five years of amazing camping fun from many mountain ranges, to beaches to canyons...whew. Did a lot of neat mods to him, gave him the right paint job and so on. It was hard letting go was simply...
  3. HiFiDave

    Lifting with a broken cable

    Yeah, two person job there likely. We carry a 2 x 2 cut to length tucked in on the deck of the E1 just in case a cable pops when on a trip. (one of the cables has a bit of fray to it)
  4. HiFiDave

    Lockett Meadow

    Great! Please post back here what you learn. (Pics too!)
  5. HiFiDave

    How do you hook up your WDH?

    We use a WDH, love it. Our Coleman E1 has a stout frame, no sweat. I hook up to the ball, use the trailer jack to jack it all up just enough to heft the bars into place. Works fine. Using a jack to lift each bar up?? Sounds like a lot of work and never seen it done that way before...
  6. HiFiDave

    Lockett Meadow

    Never have myself, looks nice though. Of course, this time of year is out of the question. (For us thin blooded folk anyway) They say it's not a trailer friendly road but, I've heard that story before and it's true for most likely. Such roads is why we got our Coleman E1. Single lane mining...
  7. HiFiDave

    Building Small Solar System for Pop up - need input

    You will like having the dual battery, solar option. Many have done it here and it works great! We run all kinds of power at night from ours, even through the power hungry inverter. Next day, zap the batteries back up with Mr. Sun and we are good to go. Ya may want to shop around on the...
  8. HiFiDave

    Engine Oil Cooler?

    Exactly...if anything, get a higher core count radiator.
  9. HiFiDave

    Uh oh, let wife pick new paint color...I hate it.

    Down here in the desert sun, a dark color couldn't be my choice but where you live hmmmm maybe break it up with some slick decals/pin stripping, might look real wicked ya know? Different etc. I shot mine with single stage automotive paint, same code as my Dodge Ram. (Desert white) Put a few...
  10. HiFiDave

    Hidden storage for valuables?

    Well, if you can stand it long enough to find the device to take out the battery, sure...go for it. Again, it's real hard to localize in the confined space of the camper. My ears couldn't take it.
  11. HiFiDave

    Home-made roof rack for Fleetwood E1

    For myself, using PVC in such a manner is scary, the product is simply not designed for such. It's designed as a raceway for water or if it was grey, conductors. I would certainly keep a sharp eye out on that one for if it ever came loose...ummm wow. If I were to use PVC I would at least use...
  12. HiFiDave

    What's your favorite battery meter?

    Like Wrenchgear...didn't need anything to involved. Let me see what my golf cart batteries are doing, good nuff for camping. Reach in the door, press the switch, easy breezy. I also have a budget digital multi-meter in my camper tool box in case I have to chase a voltage/ground problem when...
  13. HiFiDave

    Hidden storage for valuables?

    As I mentioned in this thread... Go ahead walk into my trailer, dig around if you can LOL. The 130 db motion alarm is gawd dam painful I tell ya. Scary too! Hard to localize the source to find it as it is so, so ridiculously loud. All you...
  14. HiFiDave

    Christmas camping at the Triangle T in Dragoon AZ

    You're very welcome. What part of AZ ya'll in? Wow, I bet New Years Eve there is a hoot! The ol saloon prolly gets a rockin. The property is big so even if you couldn't reserve an rv spot with power etc. you could quite likely boon dock somewhere there. This way if you blood alcohol is point...
  15. HiFiDave

    Christmas camping at the Triangle T in Dragoon AZ

    You know, I would recommend it. Call ahead, get a spot. However, around the ranch there are some neat boon dock sites too. As we drove around the place, there was one I really liked tucked back in the rocks towards the south end. Don't know who the wrangler is now as James quit but, the...
  16. HiFiDave

    Christmas camping at the Triangle T in Dragoon AZ

    Alas, another year raced by. Woke up's Christmas again! We speak of this trip so, so fondly, it was very special for us in so many ways. Well, this year we are home putting on the show but being in between job contracts I have time to kick back and enjoy family God Bless all...
  17. HiFiDave

    Mounting Television in pop up

    Hey, why not. Mount that, enjoy. We like having the T.V. option late in the evening at beddy bye time. Don't take it on every trip but just depends. I don't like a lot of "camp set up work" so I just set the T.V. on the table, pop the antenna up outside, and we have the Raspberry pie media...
  18. HiFiDave

    I need ideas for paint color on exterior of pup! All ideas welcome

    Now isn't that special... The pictures I posted with my first response just went bye bye...hmmmmmm [V] AND there is some dumb link to my google albums log in on another response. Not what I did hmmmmm [V] [?:~{]
  19. HiFiDave

    Any Coleman gear heads out there?

    I dig snagging unique Coleman things when I see them. Don't go out of my way about it but still fun. Ya gots one of these mats there?