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    Mt. Washington, Bar Harbor, & Freeport (ME) Suggestions?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, it sounds like we only need to pack breakfasts for the trip. [;)] The island hike sounds great, where is the island? Which section of the island?
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    Camp Driveway or a close by RVpark???

    How close is your nearest campground? We enjoy camp driveway, but as others have said, there are lessons to be learned from towing your pup. We have a nice campground 3 miles from the house and another 15 miles away. Both offer a nice alternative to camp driveway and allow us to run home for...
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    entertaining kids (11 &13) on cross country trip

    We have multiple games running so they can change when the interest wanes. State license plates, country side bingo, animal count, alphabet, state capitols, etc. We keep rewards for milestones met (i.e.. Kit Cat for finding you 30th state license plate). This allows both kids to "win" and...
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    What age did you start taking your kids camping

    In the PUP, as soon as possible. In the tent, about 6 months. Both my DKs (11 & 8) have done both as long as they can remember and like to go when ever possible. Both asked Santa for tents when they were 6 and spent Christmas day learning to set them up on their own. Never too soon to start...
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    Mt. Washington, Bar Harbor, & Freeport (ME) Suggestions?

    Family is in the planning stages for a big summer trip to Mount Washington (NH), Bar Harbor, and Freeport (ME). Any suggestions on campgrounds would be appreciated. Travel is planned for the end of July. [:D]
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    2013 3rd Annual NC Spring Rally

    Wish I could be there! Really missed attending last year also. [:(] But the weekend is reserved for our District Pinewood Derby. I hope you all have fun!
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    Ready for the Darkside

    I agree with Travelhoveler. We have an 8' box for four of us and two dogs, but we never seem cramped, even in the rain or on an long trip. We rarely keep anything in the TV, so we just maximize space in our PUP. While we still go to RV shows to look and drool, we have not found anything that...
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    Popularity Poll

    So many choices... How about a favorite for each month? January in the Florida Keys February in Punxsutawney, PA March in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona April in Washington, D.C. May in Yosemite National Park June in Alaska July in Glacier National Park August in Acadia National Park...
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    What will you tell your grand kids.

    I remember when the government did not tell us what to do to stay safe, we just used common sense. I remember when camping meant getting away form everything, not carrying everything with you and charging while driving. I remember when cars had lighters, not 12V plugs. Cars had ashtrays too...
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    Holly Ridge in Boonville, NC

    The family enjoyed a fun Labor Day Camping trip to Holly Ridge Family Campground in Boonville, NC. [CP] The Campground was clean and the owners strove to make our stay both enjoyable. [:D] They had optional meals, dessert bars, and activities arranged throughout the weekend. The kids enjoyed...
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    Feeling ripped off at Jellystone Hagerstown

    And I felt ripped off when I paid $55 and night at Flagg Ranch between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. And their amenities and scenery were second to none.
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    Hidden PUP Paradise in NC

    Had a great camping trip with my daughter at the end of July in Mortimer, NC (north of Lenoir). We camped at the Mortimer NF Campground. Hot Showers, flush toilets, cool wooded sites, and a babbling brook maid for a wonderful weekend. We will be going back next summer with the entire family. [CP]
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    The Pop-up "yard sale"

    With the exception of what the kids leave laying around (towels, bikes, clothes, etc.), we try to keep everything in tubs under the PUP or inside. The exception is our stove which stays out and is cleaned after each meal. We try to impress on the kids that we are camping to enjoy nature and...
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    Campgrounds in NC

    If youhave not been to the NC Zoo, I highly recommend in Asheboro. it is a great campground for pop-ups and is very family oriented. It is within 15 minutes of the Zoo and town, but has a country feel. My kids love it and would go every weekend if we allowed them to.
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    Where to find a part for my PUP

    I have a 2003 Rockwood and the anchor track (where the canvas attaches to the slideout) on one of the slide outs broke. I am looking for a replacement strip, but have no idea where to purchase it. I have looked on-line, but do not have an idea what it is officially called to look-up the part...
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    Campsite in NC

    If you do not want to travel far and have a wonderful time, I suggest (Zooland Family Campground) in Asheboro. [:D] The campground is near the NC ZOO and has plenty of amenities. They have a small playground, jumping pillow, mini-golf, a fishing pond, hiking trails...
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    December 2010 Recipe of the Month

    This sounds great! And easy to do in a DO. I cannot wait to try it.
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    Folding Plates and Mugs save space

    While backpacking this fall, I came across a fellow hiker using Orikaso plates and mugs They are folding plates and mugs that hold hot food and then fold flat. I just had to get some for backpacking and our PUP. They are simple to...
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    These things are awesome - Marshmallow Blaster

    We have a minimarshmallow bow and the kids say the same thing. We just have to be sure we do not use all the mallows before the campfire. [;)]
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    What is your single most favorite camping gear? (Can be a feature in your pup)

    It is a toss up between a Dutch Oven for scrumptous cooking and a warm sleeping bag! I cannot imagine camping without either.

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