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    New to Pop Ups, SIze/Weight Limit Suggestions

    Main thing to avoid when by used is water damage--check scrupulously for water stains (ceiling, under mattresses), mold (inside cupboards) and soft spots (esp corners of floor and sides of roof). Go as light as you can. Some features may not be as important as you thing, eg coolers replace...
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    What Did We Do?

    First things first, before you do all that cleaning: 1. Rule out leaks by checking interior (including inside cabinets) for water stains in ceiling, soft spots in floor or sides of roof, etc 2. Check that bearings are free and we'll greased (if in doubthave them checked and repacked) 3. Check...
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    Hello from OH

    Welcome from NE Ohio! You'll find lots of good ideas and helpful info here. If you haven't already done so I'd suggest searching here for your model; chances are you'll turn up ideas on modifications others have made, parts and maintenance info, etc. Catching up on maintenance usually needs to...
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    1984 Palamino Pinto Rebuild

    It's looking good!
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    Hello from NE Ohio

    Welcome from the Akron area, and happy holidays!!!
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    Fixing rot in a 1987 Starcraft Meteor, need advice!

    I can't help you with the schematic question, but first things first: floor rot is usually due to water entering the upper part of the camper. Chances are that if there is,floor rot, there's a leak in the ceiling, probably at a seam, or opening for the AC or fan. If enough water leaked in to rot...
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    Pop up top replacement ideas???

    Most people here including me recommend to against using silicone caulk, and instead recommend a variety of caulks specific to RV use, eg Dicor. Silicone attracts dirt and if you ever have to run a strip of eternabond tape over it, it will not adhere; many other substances also will not adhere...
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    Thoughts on this Craigslist pup as a first time pup being towed by a minivan?

    That weight cited in CL sounds light to me given the AC, and even if it's accurate it's probably the dry (totally empty) weight. It also may not include the AC if it was an option. Sort of a moot point for a minivan with a V6 and factory tow package, as they should all be able to handle 2000lbs...
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    Very hard to lift up a Palomino with external lift system

    Do a search for more info as this has been covered as we previously. The short story is there two most likely causes: weak lift springs in the lift arms, and or water saturating the roof and adding weight. For the latter, look for water stains in the ceiling, signs of rot such as soft spots in...
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    How to inspect roof

    It seems like with pop-ups it's just a matter of time until we're all rebuilding our roofs. In my backyard sits a Little Tykes playhouse that is 20 years old. With no maintenance whatsoever, except for some fading it is still as it was when it was new. Water is not running through its roof...
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    Considering a pop up

    There's a lot to be said for simplicity. Although i enjoy camping off the ground, I also miss being able to carry everything I need on my back.
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    Whoever you are, sorry your day sucked.

    In this time when we sometimes seem so divided as a society, when the blue team and the red team are calling each other names instead of disagreeing civily, and when so many seem to lack compassion for their fellow man, it's nice to be reminded that even now, most people, law enforcement...
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    Considering a pop up

    I don't think it be possible to waterproof a popup well enough to tow it through water deeper than the bottom of its frame. The construction is just not that robust and there are many openings you'd have to deal with. Even if you could do it, you'd be turning your pop up into a boat--it would...
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    Dealer Price Negotiation

    Keep in mind that it's not unusual for dealers to refuse to service pop-ups that they did not themselves sell. That includes even factory warranty repairs. I know it sounds crazy but it's the way some dealers work. I would add my vote in favor of buying used. If you inspect thoroughly you can...
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    1984 Palamino Pinto Rebuild

    I see no problem with patching rather than rebuilding, assuming the result is a structurally sound camper. It's the difference between a daily driver and restored camper. If all you want to do is camp and you aren't concerned about it being fancy, just do what you need to do to make it safe and...
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    Guidance on Buying a used pup

    Many older popups (>5 yrs) have damage from water leaks. You have to inspect them very thoroughly. IMHO the condition is more important than any other aspect of the camper when making a purchase decision. A camper with hiden rot can require a great deal of repair or even a complete rebuild, and...
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    1984 Palamino Pinto Rebuild

    I'm shying away from fiberglass due to inexperience with it; it's a bit intimidating, and I'm not confident that the end result would look good in an amateur's hands. And it's not inexpensive.
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    1984 Palamino Pinto Rebuild

    I am rebuilding an 85 Palomino Colt and your picturesbrought back my PTSD symptoms from when I first tore mine down. It's like deja vu. I went back and forth between repairing and rebuilding, and in the end decided to tear it down basically start over. I have tried to locate factory-style...
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    Does this Palomino seem like a good deal?

    For now, forget how wonderful a design it is and all the features it has, and that it looks nice. The most important thing is condition. A camper can look very nice cosmetically but still have serious problems from hidden leaks (a common problem in popups). I suggest doing a search for...
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    Space-saving storage ideas

    This link includes a number of clever storage ideas, fyi.