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    Lift Problem

    did you checks all the connections there is an up limit switch and a lower limit switch. Some times these can go bad or the connections come loose or they can come out of adjustment. Do you have the manual?
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    Show me your Griddle Cookin'!

    I love my 17 inch camping Blackstone so much that when it was time this year to replace my home grill I decided to just buy a big Blackstone for home. You can do everthing you can do on a grill and 100 other things on a griddle. Made Philly Cheese Steaks at home yesterday for the first time and...
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    Lift Problem

    question, Did you try the switch again after you partially lowered with the drill?
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    Welcome from Illinois
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    Do you need electric brakes?

    Illinois says any trailer over 3000lbs must have brakes. Here is my take, If your pup weighs 2000lbs think about it like this when you go to stop you have 2000 LBS pushing from behind that is still freewheeling and it really doesn't want to stop rolling. IMHO if you can add them you will be glad...
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    Let's talk about Knee pain. Anybody else?

    It is scary anytime you get a procedure like that but its worth it in the end. My wife’s brother had it done a few months back when I asked him how he was doing last week he said he wishes he would have had it done two years ago.
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    BAL knockoff, too much rocking?

    I am a big fan of the Anderson levelers. So simple to use. Thats all I used when I had my PUP and now with the TT. Roll on it stick the chock in and done.
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    Let's talk about Knee pain. Anybody else?

    Don, Having had two replacements on the same knee due to complications from the first idiot dr and a bunch of scopes on both knees I consider myself somewhat of a knee expert. Lol. When he said the knee will let you know I think it did let you know. The feeling of instability is letting you know...
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    Crank system popped off- problem?

    Looks like you just need access and its completely fixable.
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    black tank flush idea?

    I have a black tank flush I only use it of I am the only one in line. If there is someone waiting i pull the black then the gray. Rinse my my hose and gone. The last night I tell everyone use lots of water even if you are doing number one. As Snow said do not be that guy. I have been behind that...
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    Inside Lights-not turning on

    At 12 volts they should be lighting. Are you sure they are wired correctly. LED‘s are polarity specific are you sure you didn't accidentally wire them backwards. Your 12volt hot has to be on the hot side of the fixture and the neutral on the neutral.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I do not leave things laying out when we are not there or over night except some chairs. I put the Blackstone in the bed of the truck the yeti in the TT when we leave or go to bed. As for my surge protector I have never locked it. I figure no punk knows what it is and most people with a pup or...
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    Inside Lights-not turning on

    Did you replace the fixtures or just put LED bulbs in.
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    Air conditioner bowed on the inside

    Thats what it looks like to me. If it was leaking you would know it. I am no detective but the way that crease looks. I would guess it was bent when they installed it. Everyone wants to assume the worst right away. Make sure the unit is not loose If its not loose and its not leaking put the...
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    2017 Ford Escape FWD 2.0L Ecoboost

    So the general school of thought is if your trailer weight is over half the weight of your tow vehicle which your is then you should consider a wdh. Also with front wheel drive transferring some weight back up front will be a good idea. Air bags will take the sag out but not transfer any weight...
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    Go or stay home

    I agree, We love our little Blackstone. The wife says everything tastes better on the Blackstone and they are just so easy to clean.
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    Help with electical wiring

    Lots of knowledgeable folks here, if you let us know the problem I am sure you will get some answers.
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    Tahoe Forest here I come!

    Have fun and I hope you find something with your metal detector. That would be really cool.
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    Hello From Phoenix, AZ

    Welcome from Illinois