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    October camping in Illinois

    Perhaps Starved Rock State Park Or Turkey Run in indiana.........maybe be alittle over 1 1/2 hous
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    what is the best time of year to buy a pup spring summer fall winter

    I would think now thru fall would be good time to buy at a dealer ship. They lower prices and deal better on left over camper inventory they dont want to sit on all winter. Especially with new model years coming out
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    Surge brake problems. Ideas?

    Thanks for the ideas. The master cylinder should be ok. It is a tandem axle pop up. Other brakes are working. I am going to pump up brake pressure so wheel cylinder sticks again and crack open the fitting where rubber brake hose connects to steel brake line. If wheel cylinder retracts then...
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    Surge brake problems. Ideas?

    Ordered new brake assemblies but have not got them on yet. I took the hub off and wheel cylinder is retracted. I pumped the brake actuater and wheel cylinder extended and would not retract. (So apparently it retracts after sitting awhile.) With the wheel cylender extended (and stuck extended)...
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    Surge brake problems. Ideas?

    Actually I am considering a whole new brake assembly. Woulsd I need to bleed brakes after installing new assembly or cylinders?
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    Surge brake problems. Ideas?

    hanks for the link- I should mention the camper sat afew years before use and this problem. I am wondering if the wheel cylinder has rusted
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    Surge brake problems. Ideas?

    Tandem axle jayco 14so. One front and one rear. (Opposite side) Brakes are sticking/dragging causing wheel and hub to heat up. I pulled the hubs and bearings look fine. I next adjusted brakes until wheel spun freely. Took for a test drive and same problem. One side the brake hung up(?) on test...
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    Our first camp out

    We was at Lake Sangchris the week after you. About 20 minutes from my house to.
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    Getting expensive and haven't even left the drive yet.

    Hadnt used my pup in a few years. Th enew girlfriend decided we were going camping this coming weekend. new tires. Pack wheelbearings , plates and insurance and a few minor repairs. This camping trip is costing me about $300
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    loaning out the PUP.....

    Anyone ever loan out their PUP? Lets hear the horror stories. I have loaned mine to my sister and her family a few times. Went pretty well for the mosst part.Went over setting up and tearing down a few times and sent along the manuals. Still it seems others dont take care of your stuff as well...
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    IL Starved Rock SP

    Anyone have any good campsite suggestions at Starved Rock State Park? Thinking of reserving one and looking for suggestions Thanks
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    What causes the water heater to take so long to light?

    I have had the same problem in th epast----also problem with it smoking a tad bit after lt. Each time it was spiderweb or dust . I just blew it out and all was well.
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    Unwanted help...

    Once an ex girlfriends know it all kid was trying to help..........actually he was telling me how to do things. Although it was hard i kept my cool.
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    Any thoughts on this price? 2010 jayco 1207 for $7850

    Sounds like you got a really good deal. Congrats on the camper
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    BAL leveler dimensions

    Thanks alot for getting the info for me.,
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    BAL leveler dimensions

    What are the dimensions of a BAL leveler? Especially what goes outside tire-
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    How to Level???

    I was just wondering if two would fit inbetween the tires on a tandem....
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    Any thoughts on this price? 2010 jayco 1207 for $7850

    A dealer here list a 2010 jayco 1207 with a msrp of $11,372.oo Sale price of $9,695.00 with free A/C. Thats what is shown on the website.
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    How to Level???

    Any one use the BAL leveler on a tandem axle camper such as a jayco 14so? just wondering if they will work on one?
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    How much 303 High Tech Fabric Guard will I need??

    The bottle of 303 i just got says not for use on vinyl. Is it safe for vinyl??