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    Campground charges

    we stayed at our first KOA for mothers day weekend and after looking at the receipt, they charge per person, so in our case it was 2 adults and 2 kids. I had to go back up and see why there were extra charges, apparently all KOAs charge this way. NEVER AGAIN!
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    Surge Suppressors

    As a long time computer tech: Generally surge protectors/suppressors are just that: they protect from or suppress the surge. Otherwise they are useless against slow changing high/low power voltage changes. In most cases the breaker at the power outlet from the CG should provide enough...
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    what does it mean 30amp or 50 amp?

    As an owner of a 87 Jayco as well, you only need to make sure it has 15/20 or 15/30 service. One thing we did was get a 30-to-15A adapter, so we plug in to the 30A port at the CG and run our air conditioner off that, which allows the other 2 normal 15A plugs to be used for the camper itself...
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    Power Cord Wind-up Reel

    TJW: I think that will be a bit big for under the storage seat of a pup... I have 2 of these (1 for pup power, second for Air cond. cord): LINK to Ace Hardware.
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    RV Extension Cord Vs Regular Extension Cord

    Also another thing worth mentioning, many of the "flat" style extension cords are not UV resistant, or in rain/weather they will break down after a year or two. Most of the orange ones do have the UV and tend to last much longer. Also it depends on the cord itself. Go to any hardware store and...
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    Obsolete, full propane tank

    agreed. You may need to pick up an adapter at the local hardware store to hook it up to the grill. Gas is gas, the regulators and safety features of most newer grills will prevent any bad from happening, and the food will taste NO different.
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    Pups on the road

    Generally during the summer, we see 2-4 pups within a given 2 hour drive. Otherwise they are next to invisible here. Now on the other hand TT, 5W and RVs rule the road in the summer months... Of course with our summer heat and humidity, everyone wants their precious home amenities like cold air...
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    Is everything easier for other people?

    If it is usable, then use it... the "fixes" can wait unless it is something major like missing bunk end poles, bearing burnt up, stuff like that. Otherwise just take it out and use it, and just do the small minor fixes as time goes along and money comes available. Thats what we have done as a...
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    Collecting Maps and Brochures and Travel Planners ?

    Nope.... kids and DW trash things bad enough, don't need another 5 pounds of junk to float around... but thats just us.
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    How often do you use it?

    We have a 87 Jayco 1008 here, we only camp at CGs with power and water, so we use both the mini fridge and coolers. As for the sink, we only use it to wash our hands. Otherwise dishes and the rest are done outdoors.
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    Run,don't walk away....

    This is the nature of ANY complicated manufactured items these days regardless if it is a boat, car, truck, camper, computer or camera. Some end up with small flaws that cause problems their whole lives, others happen to fit perfectly and last 500,000 miles. It is just the luck of the draw of...
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    Boats, lightning & water

    I have a 14 ft aluminum jon boat. The first I hear ANY thunder no matter how far, I pack up and head back to the camper. We're always at small lakes so 5 minutes from shore to shore with my little trolling motor, quick enough to get in at its fastest speed.
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    Gas mileage - thankful we have a pup

    When people hear me talk about growing up in South Dakota, they automatically think of states like NE, KS, OK and such which are flat... but I was raised around the Black Hills, which varies from same level as Rapid City (around 3000 ft) to hiking Harney Peak up to 7000 ft. NOW I could be...
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    Run,don't walk away....

    Remember, 90% of Fords are still on the road today... the other 10% made it home!
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    08 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Info Needed

    The Grand Cherokees should be close to or the same as my Durango. Around 3500 lb for V6 (strongly discouraged as these V6s are GUTLESS), and 6000 to 9000 lbs for V8 models, depending on which options it comes with. The Durangos all have the same hardware (trans cooler, etc), and the tow...
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    At what night time temp do you use heat?

    We only camp where shore power is available, but we usually do not worry about a heater until we know it will be low 50s or lower at night, and thats mostly for the kids who toss and turn and rarely keep the blanket on them. If it was just the wife and I, we like it cool so would not worry about...
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    Brake Size

    The brakes are there to help, not to bear the entire weight (or even most) for stopping power. The TV is what should be bearing the majority of braking power with a little help from the trailer, mostly to help keep it from getting out of control on emergency stops/swerving. My pup is around 2500...
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    LED lights?

    As time and money provide, I plan to start replacing all the bulbs on my pup to LEDs. I will be starting with the brake lights since the ones on there now are so dim it is hard to see during the day.
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    Brake Controller recommendations?

    I wasn't trying to argue either and I apologize if it came off that way. I just don't see the need when you have a heavy truck and reasonably light trailer. My pup loaded is in the 2500-3000 lb range, my TV is 5100 lb curb weight (probably closer to 5500 when loaded), and has a max tow rating of...