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  1. MichelleRowell

    Hinged Countertop

    I second the idea of the holes punched through the top with lift-out pieces, keeping probably three inches along the edges for structural support. (Of course these could also be hinged, but getting the hinge level with the counter top, and finding a way to keep the hinge attached on both sides...
  2. MichelleRowell

    My Poor Sampson threw a wrench in things

    Might you think about rigging up a ramp into the doorway, so he doesn't need to put extra weight on the back side to hop up the steps? I'm so glad the surgery went well, and will add my hopes for a good recovery.
  3. MichelleRowell

    Do you tow with your bag awning attached?

    Mine came with Velcro straps that go around the bag once the awning is inside (and zipped up). I believe there are four straps in all, and that minimizes the bounce and helps to secure the whole thing. No screws to hold it in the rail, instead there are knots in the rope that keeps it in the...
  4. MichelleRowell

    Stove Repair

    Stove looks a lot like mine, only mine has only two burners. Mine actually has a bottom, and an access panel on the front, so we store a few cooking pots, fry pans, and pot holders inside the box (of course that makes it even heavier!). It is made to be either hanging on the outside of the...
  5. MichelleRowell

    CPAP Recall Philips

    We bit the bullet and filled a prescription for a new one. Were using the older ResMed in the meantime. Never did hear anything about the replacement we were owed. (Or maybe they called and DH said we no longer need it...)
  6. MichelleRowell

    motorized king bed (you saw the idea here first!)

    Just a couple of thoughts, though I have no idea how they would work... I have in my brain the long-handled manual awning extenders... Somehow attach a circular cable (or chain) to the bottom of the inner edge of the bunk, and put the crank mechanism on the outside of the camper center just...
  7. MichelleRowell

    motorized king bed (you saw the idea here first!)

    I like it. I'm also wondering if this could also be done with some kind of winch that is hand operated. (Of course you'd need to use the unbroken arm...) As far as supporting the bed on the way out, I'm guessing they're built not to really need much of that, we just like to be overprotective...
  8. MichelleRowell

    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    "Camping Green, and Enjoying the Breeze!" What I dislike most about the TTs is the scarcity of windows that open and let in the air. No one else can "make you feel" like a lower class person unless you're already prone to that opinion. If someone actually says something that seems to be a...
  9. MichelleRowell

    Coleman Fleetwood Rio roof condition

    Ugh! "A bit sketchy" to me would mean a few cracks in the finish! This roof is bent, with at least one completely broken sidewall. Insurance might call this a total loss, and if someone is asking money for it, they're either trying to collect both from insurance and from another, or they...
  10. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    Didn't realize the one we've got is the DreamStation 2... no knob! However, I just watched a YouTube video that showed the two ways to adjust the humidity, so we're good!
  11. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    Yep, that's the one I found, too.
  12. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    Makes much sense. Thank you! Yes, we'll need to figure out how to turn off the heated humidifier. Really shouldn't need the heat in the summer anyway! (It was much easier to change these settings on the older machines!)
  13. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    So, the CPAP actually runs on 12 volts, and there is a power pack that converts AC to DC. I'm attaching photos of the power pack and the bottom of the Dreamstation. The Dreamstation says it uses 6.67 amps. Elsewhere I read that watts used are determined by multiplying amps times volts... 6.67...
  14. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    Why would I need the DC adapter, when the Jackery has the regular "outlet" type of place to plug in the machine? Is there a different kind of efficiency?
  15. MichelleRowell

    1500w inverter on TV - use/application ideas?

    Does this mean that the Jackery 290 would power something that draws 29 watts for 10 hours?
  16. MichelleRowell

    Most affordable way to add power

    Hello, Popup Steve, You mentioned using the Jackery for a CPAP. Do you have any idea how long a Jackery 290 would power a CPAP Dreamstation? We had a Sakuru (on an older CPAP) which didn't even last through the night on a full charge, so we're looking for an upgrade. Granted, the 290 is very...
  17. MichelleRowell

    Must-Have Features for a first time pop-up.

    Mine is bare bones. It has a stove that can be either inside or outside. We have the "Add-a-room" attached screen under the canopy, so the stove is outside the camper inside the screen room. No fridge, no heater, only one center light. After 30 years, we're about to get a cassette toilet...
  18. MichelleRowell

    Must-Have Features for a first time pop-up.

    Kitty litter, like in a five gallon bucket that you scoop?
  19. MichelleRowell

    Door Decor

    We just take them out and have the open screen. We only put the panels in when we pack up again to leave. (We have the add-a-room screen room which keeps out the rain from the door area.)