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    We have joined the DARK SIDE

    We looked at several different brands bunk house models. What we liked about this model was the large double beds. Each bed has enough head room to sit up. And the top bed can support 600 lbs vs 250-300lbs. Not that we would have 600 lbs up there but makes me feel better for child in bottom...
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    We have joined the DARK SIDE

    Last month we picked up a 2016 Jayco Eagle 284BHBE from a dealer in NC. It was the closes dealership to us (Fl) that had it in stock. Really wanted to order it but found out Jayco had just discontinue this Eagle model. Luckily for us the dealership had 2 in stock and the one was almost...
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    Thinking about selling hybrid

    Our Roo sold in a flash. Had 4 backup buyers in case the deal fell thru. Sad to see it go but hoping our Jayco (dark side) will be just as great of a camper as well. The new buyers were so happy with it condition of the camper they gave us full asking price. :) They are thrilled about the...
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    Thinking about selling hybrid

    No one close to us has what we are looking for in stock. Jayco Eagle 284BHBE. We looked at the Jayfeather 28BHBE (exact floor plan) but w/ all the options we want it comes standard on the Eagle for about the same cost. On eBay did you put for local pickup? We have sold plenty on eBay. Our...
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    Thinking about selling hybrid

    To be honest we would be happy with $16. Dealership wants it for free. They are wanting $26k for new with no options other than power awning package. Our camper tent ends have no stains compared to there sit ting open outsode with mildew on new camper. We have upgraded shower head...
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    Thinking about selling hybrid

    Wanted to see by other who have sold their camper themselves. Thnking about selling our Roo 233S and going to black side. I love the camper but my husband wants something easier to setup when hopping sites. We sometimes will go 2 or 3 different campgrounds on our vacation. Camper looks...
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    1 year of ownership!!

    Well we hit the 1 year mark on our HTT. So far we love it and haven't looked back to the PUP. I just figured out we have camped at 16 different places and put on 3400 miles. [A] It has been a great year. Looking forward to many more. [:D]
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    Disney camping

    I saw a site that rents hybrid campers and said you can use them on the Tent/Pop-up sites at Disney. Has anyone w/ hybrid camped at Disney in these sites? Thinking about calling Disney and seeing what they say. Most campgrounds consider the hybrids travel trailers.
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    2010 Kodiak 214, whats it worth

    Check out book value. May help some:
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    Insurance question

    Unless you have a very special policy your coverage will only cover replacement or actual value of your camper. We had a total loss on our PUP and I over insured it by a lot and they would only give book value for it. So be careful read your policy and save some money by not over insuring...
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    Supplies for setting up

    Didn't see anyone mention water pressure regulator. We use that as well as what was mentioned above.
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    Insurance question

    I pay $320 a year w/ $25k in coverage and $250 ded. But I pay all at once so I don't have to pay a fee for payment plan. I'm with Progressive.
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    We are WAITING!!

    Very nice camper! We love our Roo!!
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    A great night for a driveway camp.

    Did you turtle? I'm wondering at what temp is it no longer comfortable to sleep w/ the beds open. :)
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    pre approved for a new 2015 Roo 233s

    Congrats!!! We have no oven and haven't missed it yet.
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    So far we haven't had any water condensation in our bunk ends. Most of year is hot/humid for us in Central and Southern Florida. I run the AC and haven't needed to crack windows yet. We normally have anywhere between 4 - 8 people and 2 dogs camping w/ us. However, I will say we use the PUGS...
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    233s uneven beds ?

    On another forum someone said FR update the beds. Not sure how true that is. Hopefully they did. I called FR hoping they would replace the beds w/ the new style but they acted like I was crazy for asking. I was told that was how they were made w/ the slope because of the door style.
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    NTU Roo bed bunk leak

    I know the feeling. We bought what we thought was an awesome Fleetwood Sequoia Pup-up. Felt like we inspected everything. Bought the camper opened it in the garage to remove their stuff and add ours and found the floor under the sofa was rotted so bad we could push our hand thru it. Then not...
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    233s uneven beds ?

    Our beds are so bad that we use 2 3/4" foam boards to level out. The beds are pushed all the way back to the tent leaving room to sit on the cabinet. I have seen several other people complain on other websites which is were we found out about the foam board. Here is a link to same topic on...
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    What do I need to buy

    I placed sticky velcro right inside the door between the rubber seal and bed. We take a light weight step ladder to install and remove them. Makes it very easy. Here's a picture of mine. The velcro holds them in place and then we take them off before packing up. They are great for keep the...