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  1. mschepac

    Water heater not lighting

    I have a Suburban SW6DEL water heater. After turning on the switch, I can hear the gas valve open then a pause and it tries again. After this the reset light comes on and no flame. I was able to get a stick lighter in there and have the burner light so no gas issues. I just don't hear the...
  2. mschepac

    Show Off Your Hybrid

    We love our 3 bunker as well.
  3. mschepac

    Calling all electrical people, finding a short

    We have checked two other different campers with the negative wire to negative post with zero volts. Not since we have been testing, but prior to this, his slides and awning would not work properly. At one point he had disconnected the battery. When he tried to connect it, it was arcing...
  4. mschepac

    Calling all electrical people, finding a short

    A friend of mine has a travel trailer. We have discovered that he has a short that we cant find. We have done some internet research with no luck finding it. Here is some of the details so maybe you fine folks can help us. The camper is not connected to shore power. When we disconnect the...
  5. mschepac

    Review of Moose Hillock CG NY

    We camped here this July (2017) for 8 nights. All of the positives of the previous poster are correct. I would like to add that the roads are wide with easily enough room for parking the camper. The sites are large, private and mostly level. The campground and bathhouses are very clean. My...
  6. mschepac


    This is going to sound like a bazaar request but I need a little help. Any KZ Coyote owners out there? During my last trip, I shredded a couple of tires. Every thing worked out ok except I lost my grey water pipe that ties into the black water pipe. If I could get a picture of yours so I can fix...
  7. mschepac

    What is this?

    If it gets pressed when the galley is in the 'camping' position its an electrical safety. This cuts off the power to all of the lights and such so if they are accidentally left on, they don't burn holes in your canvas.
  8. mschepac

    Hot water heater

    My camper only has a single valve for bypass. So you may not be looking for three. Also, for a drain, there should be a low-point drain somewhere under the camper, usually around the water heater. Usually in a pair. Open them up and crack the pressure relief valve, anything in the WH should...
  9. mschepac

    Wheel Chocks

    I used a set of Harbor Freight pipe clamps for mine, this way I don't have to worry about finding a wrench.
  10. mschepac

    Hospitality Creek Campground in Williamstown, NJ

    My wife wont let us camp there, reasons; a) price 2) its about 3 miles from my house She says it's just too close.
  11. mschepac

    New user, Southern NJ

    Welcome from Gloucester County NJ!
  12. mschepac

    Show Off Your Hybrid

  13. mschepac

    Help! ABS roof cracked!!

    When we had our PUP with an ABS roof... It just became a maintenance item for me. Every month or so I would just go out and do an inspection of the roof. In most cases the roof was cracking in the same general area all the time. I would have a batch of MEK goo waiting and just touch it up...
  14. mschepac

    Anderson Leveler vs BAL

    I have used both, BAL on my PUP and a pair of Andersens for my hybrid. There is no comparison in my opinion, the Andersens are the only way to fly. Cranking up the BAL and more annoyingly, when you are ready to leave, you have to crank that thing down... With the Andersens, when you are ready...
  15. mschepac

    A/C Bolts Loosen Need Solution

    Have you tried a thread locker?
  16. mschepac

    Finally set up TT

    2017 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 has a 6800 lb tow capacity. You should be able to do a mid sized hybrid with that.
  17. mschepac


    We had a switch that activated the lights when the kitchen sink was in the normal position. On ours it went bad. Just something else to check.
  18. mschepac

    PUP To Hybrid Reduced Setup and Packing?

    We switched from a 12' box pup to a 23' 3 bunk hybrid about 4 years ago. No regrets. We like the ability to pack, pre trip. The larger fridge with a freezer is great. Even though our pup had a potty/shower combo, its real nice to have a bathroom always setup. I do miss the 2 king size beds...
  19. mschepac

    Water heater not lighting

    This is exactly what I used to do. Put the PVC in, go do some other setup things. Come back in about 5-10 mins, keep your face away when lighting.
  20. mschepac

    TT -- is it really an upgrade?

    We moved over from our larger PUP (12' box with slide-out) to a larger hybrid (23' 3 bunks and a slide). We do enjoy the easier setup and breakdown. Being able to pre-pack the camper with food and clothes is a very large plus for us. Camping with our PUP, everything was in and out of the bed...