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    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    I have a step stool I keep in the camper and have no problem standing on it to unzip the bag. My canopy has 3 ties around it so it does not fall out of the bag while unzipping. I find it to be pretty easy to do.
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    Alarm when stored in garage

    get a battery cut off switch from the auto parts store and install. that will fix it.
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    Powerwinch--Beeping and no lift near the end of lifting

    when was the last itme you replaced your battery? take it to the auto parts store and have it load tested if it has been more than 3 yrs. Dont trust a volt meter it wont tell you the strength of your battery. I have an electric lift and have never heard a beep from it. what about your warning...
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    Help needed please.

    I use penetrating spray lubricant on mine not oil. Oil will collect dust and grime. Spray lightly and make sure you cover up the canvas. Put some cardboard behind the post to help prevent it from getting on the fabric
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    How to charge battery while driving

    Thanks for the tip. I have mine between 4 and 5 and on the 110 setting it will freeze things by morning. I also have a little fridge fan inside that helps a lot. One of those little blue cube ones you put in the fridge. I will just turn on the 12 vlt setting and crank it up.
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    How to charge battery while driving

    It didn't freeze your beer did it? I think I will be just fine
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    How to charge battery while driving

    I got a 2014 ford f150 STX sport now so I need to change my things on my avatar.
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    How to charge battery while driving

    yes it will not work if the truck is NOT running and and I have a battery cutoff switch on top of the pup battery box so I can shut it down when I stop to get gas in the truck so the fridge is not draining my pup battery at a stop.
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    How to charge battery while driving

    I got a new truck with a charge line already on the 7 pin. If I turn the fridge on while driving will it maintain the charge on a 2 1/5 hour trip or will it draw more than the truck can supply? seams to me this should be fine as long as both batteries are in good condition. What are your thought...
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    Goshen Lift System ( How to ) W/Pics

    Go to the Goshen web sight and see. You can look up your model on there and even call them for assistance. If it is just a single cable it is easy to install and will cost under 50 bucks. I think they just dont want to work on your camper in fear that they might screw something up and have to...
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    Replace lift post, Goshen lift system(how to)

    From Goshen manufacturing company. Google them and call.
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    Fridge goes "out" while driving

    mine blows out also so im going to try this.
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    Are Yeti Coolers worth the $$$

    put a couple of tablespoons of ice cream rock salt in there and it will get really cold!!! cold enough to make slushy beer so be careful! I really love mine and keep all the food in there that could spoil otherwise in our other coolers
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    Hand crank for palomino pop up camper

    You dont have one if you have electric lift. If you take the cover off the lift there is a bunch of grease in a sort of housing. Under that grease about and 1" you will find a 7/16 ths bolt to use in an emergency which will probably shear off and leave you with the top up or down depending on...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, April 2015

    I would use Dicor lap sealant that is what should be on there
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    So, what did you do for your camper, April 2015

    cant show you what I did but I popped it up and made sure everything still worked properly and got it ready to camp for the year. rally is in two weeks and I am ready!! I started the hot water heater for the first time. The orifice was clogged so I disconnected the propane line and used an old...
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    Day off with the new pup. What to do?

    make sure everything works! Look for any flaws.
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    Newbie Question: Palamino Water Pump?

    If you look at the outside it should be inline with the city water intake. Mine is to the right of the sink under the bench. If your going to look at it have the P O show you everything and make sure it works!!! Look for roof issues if it has an A/C . Make sure they give you a complete "walk...
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    Need Help Indentifying Dexter Axle Grease Hub Housing

    They are for boats and are obsolete. Most all trailers come with easy lube hubs. Don't use them.
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    Winter can end!

    Come to Missouri. We have all kinds of weather in the same week. wednesday it was 53, thursday it was snowing and 13. Today it is 1 with 6" of snow on ther way for tomorrow.