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    Front exterior panel removal?

    I needed some of the 1/4 inch pop rivets too. I bought them from the local Fastenall dealer (one of the industrial fasteners sellers). I was able to buy half a dozen. Phil
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    My experience since joining td dark side

    The biggest thing for us was the loading and unloading. It's so easy just go out and open the door, walk in and drop off. Next is the stup. We do look back occasionally and hope we aren't turned to salt! [:D] But seriously, we do miss laying on the bunk with the windows open.
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    Towing mileage

    Are we comparing apples to apples? We are referring to mpg. Are you referencing kpg?
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    Forest River Flagstaff 176ltd High Pitched whine..

    I'd check the power converter too. Those fans tend to whine before they go out. You should be able to replace your. Buy an 80 mm computer case fan. Phil
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    My experience since joining td dark side

    We're on our second TT. We miss the PU but love the setup and all the convenience. Welcome to the dark side. Phil
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    Winter Camping In Southern Missouri/Northern Arkansas

    We swank through there a few years bad. Nice place. Typical MO state park campground. It was nice. They have a good interpretive center and nice overlook of the Mighty Mo! I can't say I remember the campground enough to recommend a particular site. I also heard that Bennett Springs stays open...
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    We are one those with a TT and the load diesel TV. We usually don't spent much time at the CS. We are either out hiking or fishing or hunting. When we get back its usually late or if not then we love to hang out around the fire. Yes, we miss hearing the wind against the canvas but we love the...
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    Mounting bike rack on roof

    I would start I the middle of the roof and move it forward or backwards depending on how the trailer tracks. Base it on the adult bike length.
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    Looking for upgrade advice

    If want something to keep in the garage I hope you have a deep one. The largest box on a single axle PU is 12 ft and that can have a slide out with toilet and such. 14 ft boxes are with tandem axle PUs. With the storage boxes and 12 ft box you will need a fairly long garage. Ay kind of TT will...
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    gone completely over to the dark side now.

    Nice trailer! We're on our 2nd TT. Bought our latest at the RV show in Feb. We love having the extra room and easy loading of the TT. Our PU we had to open up to load the frig and stuff. The only upgrade we did after the latest TT was buy a 3/4 ton deisel to pull it easier. Ouch! Congrats and...
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    First time in a pop up, issue during first 3 minutes.

    Wow, not sure what to say. Glad you were able to keep it together. I have to say that that is not the norm. It should change for you. On the flip side, everytime we go to Colorado we run into someone with a connection to us! Very small world. Last time out we ran into a couple next to us...
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    My new pop-up!

    Congrats too! Hope you get out soon and start creating wonderful memories!
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    what has happend to all the pup dealers

    You can Trailside RV in Grain Valley, Mo They usually have several. And there is a Good Sam park next door but it mostly has semi permanent residents. Phil
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    Ontario Parks Keep Pace With Camping Trends

    I'm with you phantom, who cares how or where they stay. I'm just glad people are still connecting to nature in whatever way works. I just think most aren't judging as such but stating what their definition of camping is. We've stayed at both over the years and prefer the SP/NP/NF campgrounds...
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    Replacement faucet recommendations

    When mine went bad I went to Home Depot and found a similar unit for about $40 I think. I never checked our old one but you may only need to replace a washer? If you have a pump style you can get them at most RV dealerships.
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    How much more tow capacity do you need in the mountains?

    Here is some info on horsepower loss with elevation gain: This is from Why Horsepower is Calculated At Sea Level: An important factor in figuring volumetric efficiency is elevation relative to sea level, at which the engine is operating. As elevation rises, oxygen levels are...
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    New Mexico Green Chile Stew - One of our camping (and just anytime) favorites.

    Recipe sounds great. But... We have three halepino plants this year with peppers coming out of our ears. How does one roast peppers? BTW, the pictures aren't linking/showing. Phil
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    what has happend to all the pup dealers

    Wow tfalter, I was out at Trailside the a month or so again and they had a few pups in the showroom and lot. That maybe all they have though. I was shopping for parts. I agree that the price of hybrids and TTs are very close to the larger popups. That is why we ended up with a TT. Luckily we...
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    First weekend in our new to us have questions!!!

    I would start with the battery. Make sure it is charged. Then move down the line. Is there 12v power output on the back of the converter? If so the check farther on. Since you have multiple 12v items without power I would bet it is closer to the converter. Our 2000 Coleman Niagara automagicly...
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    Took the Plunge

    Be careful of the side cabinets above the night stands. I hit my head several times on that sharp corner. No stitches be you gain a lot of respect for them and still forget them. That is a nice TT. You will enjoy. We love ours! It's great to just open the door and walk right in to load the...