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    Equipping 2010 Mazda CX-9

    I have a 2010 Mazda CX-9 AWD with V6 (3.8L), no trailering equipment installed I have a 2007 Fleetwood Utah (Class III with single-sided sway bar & electric brakes). I would like to set up the CX-9 to properly tow the Utah. But, there is a great deal of conflicting information about what the...
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    Faucet Supply Line

    Finished the repair in Sunday. Learned that Home Depot only carries braided metal lines, but Lowe's has both braided metal & PVC lines. So, installed two new three piece hoses (30" PVC hose + metal shut off + 20" PVC hose). The PVC lines in the lengths I chose are standard hex couplings rather...
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    Faucet Supply Line

    I was getting my 2008 Fleetwood Utah ready for the camping the other day. After draining the antifreeze from the holding tank, I filled the tank with freshwater and ran water to the sink faucet using the electric pump. While it was running, I noticed water leaking from an area where there was no...
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    Table Mods?

    Replace the tabletop with a tabletop from IKEA's spare parts department. Use the stock legs. It will be much stronger.
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    Wedgies and nipples?! This IS a great message board!! [;)]
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    toddlers vs Thetford

    Toddlers, by nature, are flushaholics...I think they need a support group or 12 step program! (ok, maybe a ten step program because that might be the limit of their counting abilities...)
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    Toddler help with the camp/kitchen

    My 2 y.o. son is a great 4 y.o. daughter is a mini pyro...I guess it all depends on personality!
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    Spare tire mount mod

    You're probably right on that. It's more likely a steel bracket, but sheet metal is much easier to find on the consumer market. You could use the same plan but beef the sheet metal up to 1/4 or 5/16.
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    Step 6 - find new ways to cool beer on 100+ degree day at CG [SUN] Step 7 - upon returning home, plan mods/upgrades for PUP [RTM] Step 8 - convince spouse that mods/upgrades are necessary (bribe if necessary) [LOL] Step 9 - perform mods/upgrades [MOD] Step 10 - submit story and pics of...
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    Spare tire mount mod

    You could one, depending on how handy you are. Go to the local hardware and get a piece of 6" wide 1/16" or 3/32" (that's what I'd estimate the original bracket is made from) sheet metal at whatever length the hardware store has. Remove the old bracket to find what length to cut the piece to...
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    Lifting question

    I have a Fleetwood and I always put the door down after the rest of the inside is set up. So, the door is last for me.
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    Service bill resolved...done with this dealer

    I think his problem is that he repairs "hundreds of campers a week" (BTW, this is a flagrant exaggerated, I saw three in the garage and maybe seven waiting outside...) That was just another mistake he made...never quantify the customer or make the customer feel unimportant because they're one...
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    The Music Game

    Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
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    The Music Game

    Kid Rock - Early Morning Stoned Pimp
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    Pimp Pup Kitchen: Strawberry Cream Cheese Puffs

    One variation for the glaze: You could melt butter and mix in the powdered sugar. It's a little thicker, but butter makes everything better! [:)O]
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    Service bill resolved...done with this dealer

    flakeyspam: I did not escalate anything. They had already replaced the hose, I didn't find out until they called me to say the camper was ready to be picked up. Yes, if they had called me before they fixed it, I would have told them not to & I would've changed it myself. But, this was not the...
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    Service bill resolved...done with this dealer

    They quoted me $600, but the final bill came to $810. If they had called me about the LP hose (their charge was $80...$16 part + $60 labor + $2 "pressure test"), I would have picked one up and changed it myself. In the end, I did pay for the hose itself, just not the labor $5 or $10 over...
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    Service bill resolved...done with this dealer

    I'm reminded of the old sales mantra: Do something good for the customer, they'll tell their friends and family. Do something bad and they'll tell the entire world.
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    Scrutinize service bills!

    They need us more than we need them...that simple! Especially with campers, which are still technically a luxury not a necessity.
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    Service bill resolved...done with this dealer

    This is a follow-up to my previous post: I picked up the Utah today and spoke to the service dept manager. I reminded him that state law says you can't go over estimate without permission. He asked if I had that in writing and I did (a good boy...