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    dutch oven age

    My DO's are only a few years old. But I inherited my grandpa's cast iron "bean pot" - at least that's what he always called it. It has a lid too. I use it a couple times a year when cooking for a crowd. He always claimed it had come over from Ireland with a great great....etc grand relative...
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    early christmas present

    You need to leave them to her in your will!
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    Popular brands of PUP on PopUpPortal

    I added mine to the Wheelcamper tally, though I'm a different model.
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    Apple Butter Time!

    I make my own most years, but not in nearly those kinds of quantities! A couple of pints form whatever apples are left when the deer are done with the 2 trees in my yard. I'm sure this is sacrilege to the purists, but the Crockpot is great for apple butter.
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    Texans, talk me down or buy it before me!

    We took the wardrobe out of ours too. Got ours from my parents about 3 years ago. I grew up camping in it and it always seemed plenty big for 4 people back then. Now that it's mine, we wanted a teensy bit more storage space. That wardrobe is the only change we made though. And it's still in...
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    Texans, talk me down or buy it before me!

    Haven't read the whole thread yet... forgive me. Just had to post as soon as I looked at the picture! OMG! THAT IS MY CAMPER! Buy it and we can be twins!!! So cool to see another one looking in good shape. If it really is, you can't go wrong. I can vouch for the Wheelcampers! Now I'll go...
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    Input of my situation

    After a rough day, this just restores my faith in humanity. Glad to see this work out so well!
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    Well this year was mostly a bust..

    And the idealist says the glass is completely full of both air and water. [;)] Between bad weather and new jobs, we've only been out once this year. Hoping for one more weekend real soon. Better luck next year everyone!
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    Versunkener Apfelkuechen- Apple Cake

    Thanks! So about 2/3 ou. 1 ou = 6 tsp. 4 tsp sounds right? I'll probably just add regular old vanilla to the batter, and increase the granulated sugar a bit.
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    1969 Pop up

    Thanks Camp-N-Nuts! I am technologically challenged and didn't want to have to figure out how to post again. You made it magically appear!
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    Versunkener Apfelkuechen- Apple Cake

    Looks great! How much vanilla sugar is "2 pack"? I make mine, so I've never purchased it.
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    1969 Pop up;u=31217;area=showposts;start=135 Not sure if that link will work, but I've posted a couple of pictures on here in the Vintage Pop Up thread. You can stalk me in my profile to find them.
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    1969 Pop up

    Get out of my garage! I told you she's not for sale! [:D] [;)] JK- I still have the stove, but just an ice box, no fridge or oven. Be inspired. Take care of your NTU PUP and pass it down to your kids the way my parents did. Congrats on the purchase.
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    What is your favorite OHIO State Park and WHY?

    I like all of them listed so far. Lake Loramie is terrific alternative for us to the craziness of campsites at Country Concert each year. Cowan Lake and Stonelick Lake are also very nice, and a bit more rustic. They're both closer to home for shorter weekend trips. My absolute favorite so...
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    Hello, from Indiana!

    Welcome from SW Ohio! There are some great state parks for you to enjoy in Indiana. If you are anywhere near Clifty Falls or Versailles, they are 2 of my faves. Happy camping.
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    Kansas is not oz

    Welcome from Ohio and happy camping!
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    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome to the forum and to camping! Sounds like you got a good deal on a good new to you PUP. Congrats and Enjoy! You'll make great memories with your family.
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    Hi there

    Welcome from Ohio. Happy camping!
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    Hi From TN!

    Welcome from Ohio! Enjoy that trip. We look forward to hearing the full report.
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    1965 Nimrod

    Beautiful camper you have there. The vintage color schemes take you right back. Enjoy being off the ground!