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    Is my math wrong?

    haha he is talking on a TT. Wait till you addicted to motorcycles especially the Italian ones....
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    Is my math wrong?

    Let me add a twist, we have a dog. So she travels with us. I been spoiled with the Travel Trailer. For the all complaining i do. My Back which caused me to move from PUP to TT went for good. So no RV as i cannot hitch anything for a few months. Now instead of camping i look for AirBNB and other...
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    On the road - setting PUP at a rest area?

    The only place i have seen popup setup and camp chairs out is in the walmart parking lot in littleton ,nh. mostly canadian campers too. We have camped near by or visited family and every time i have seen this for a few years now.
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    Need new tires TV

    Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8
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    Need new tires TV

    I tow a 7000lb ,31 foot TT with my tundra crewmax and feel non of this. I had very road based tires before that i got 40k out off. Now i run Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 i got from amazon and cost me around 600 installed on the truck if i remember . Tows real nice at 40 PSI. i do have HD rear...
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    Electric Tongue Jack- Broke the manual attachment

    let me buy a mini welder and try this, It works but in off chance the motor ever fails i would like the manual crank
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    August Wyoming

    What a location, all you need some atv or dirt bike .
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    Rear Ended on the way to the Campground

    Sorry about the incident. if its totalled you buy it back. As far as story goes. My wife rear ended the camper while i was towing. now that was a fun story.
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    Tow vehicle died, now what?

    Plus mine is paid off. Its hard to go look at a new truck for 50k and then think what am i getting over my tundra evertime. i think a time will come when it breaks down a bit more. But now its tows , stored inside in a garage during winter as i work from home so hardly ridden. I have a 2011 ford...
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    Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

    On this Model of ford explorer the tow package brakes , suspension and every other part is identical. A reason i was able to tap into the Wiring for brakes. The software for tow is also installed. on the dash there is a pin to actually add the tow button. I did not as i really did not notice...
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    Electric Tongue Jack- Broke the manual attachment

    My battery was on its way out and i used an impact wrench on the manual twisting part and broke it Called the LCI tongue company and they told me to get a new unit. the tongue works fine and i am now worried about what if...any one faced this challange The 3/4 Socket of soft metal on top of...
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    Tow vehicle died, now what?

    I had a similar budget a few years back . Got a 2008 tundra crewmax [ the big interior] one for 23k with 80k miles. Was loaded. Anyway, 6 yrs later its stilll ticking at 165k and i do not think its going anywhere. it just runs and hauls a 8k trailer .Also mine was part of a recall so was...
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    Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

    The 2012 ford explorer tow package from factory comes with a tow button the locks your OD off and also there is a smaller cooler addition if you have the V6 3.5 L naturally aspirated engine. I have one and towed a 2500 and a 3500 lb pup. Mine did not have a tow package. i would put it in manual...
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    Air bag effects on axle weights, finally solved (for my rig)

    Airbags is not for WDH. I initially set the Airbags to 20 PSI and then then setup the WDH. the airbags act more like springs to hold weight and suspension to provide tires more traction.
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    How long does the battery last?

    It will easily last 4 days Worst case you can run your TV. plugit in and get it working. I once put the TT in a Storage unit for 5 weeks and in the hurry forgot to connect my Solar Batter Charger unit to the System. It was very dead. Even then i pluged by 7 pin and was able to use the tongue...
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    Dark Side is Good Side

    As i am sure you are planning next year. * Look for Spring Camping deals. I leave my camper at there a few campground to choose for 9 weeks for around 600 bucks. I get to use them any time in few and only on weekends on some campground. So you get to enjoy camping earlier and usually it starts...
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    I think my Husband is scared to drive the TT

    I told my wife the TT is something i have to learn to TOW... You know what she brought it from the dealer home while nearly taking the mail box out. She towed for a 2 months before i even attempted to do anything like towing. Now i tow it a bunch but last friday . Worked all morning, towed 5 hrs...
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    Clearwater in Merideth,NH

    I was there past weekend and thought i should recommend. Alot of PUPs there too. Large site and Private too. This side has a nice beach , a snack bar , boat/canoe rental and a fishing dock. On the beach there was the usual corn hole competition and some activity. One of the cleanest bathroom and...
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    Came back from the darkside to a pop up

    I think this is important, with kids growing they wanted there own bed and they were not old enough for a outside tent but too big to share a bed. The boy and girl take after me - 6 3/230 lbs. So they wanted a bunk setup . Also, bathroom for the smaller one. He is 8 now but been camping from 4...
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    Came back from the darkside to a pop up

    I tow a 28BHS so 30 feet long. So on the pup our camping trips were so weather dependent. not with the TT. the only reason i left the pup was those beds that need to lifted to lock and a few things i had a tough time with herniated discs. now the TT i have improved the entire process. took me a...