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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Over the years, my family has ran the gamut: PUP, 18' TT, 29' TT, back to tents on the ground, and recently, back to a PUP. Camping is all about the experience - not one-upsmanship. I could own any of these (as many here could too), but choose the PUP for this time in our lives. It just fits for...
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    What's been your biggest camping issue to-date? (equip, breakdown, etc.)

    Living in East TN, any trip to the Carolinas involves crossing the Appalachian Mountains. Pulling our 18' trailer with our old Suburban was usually not a problem. However, the day before our Myrtle Beach trip, the carburetor (remembered those?) started giving problems. With the giant 454 CID...
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    I noticed the same thing as Cortezfisherman. The Velcro also caught my eye as looking like the attachment point for the tent, underneath the bed. Could the previous owner have accidentally installed the plywood slides upside down?
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    First pop up

    Our adult children bought Mom and Dad a used Jayco PUP for our 40th anniversary. It also was a “project” camper. I repaired the roof, replaced the canvas, added A/C, recovered the countertops, made custom curtains, as well as several other additions and repairs. We are seasoned campers from way...
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    Nostalgia clouding judgement

    As many have stated here, cost, space and time are chief factors in determining the direction you may decide to take. However, allow me to share my personal experience about my own rebuild. My adult children purchased an older Jayco pup for our 40th anniversary. It needed some work, but my kids...
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    Am I the only one coming home with something broken on every trip so far?

    Every trip, expect some problem to pop-up. And you thought the name had something to do with the roof, right?