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  1. Jimbow

    Hi from Wisconsin

    Welcome from the land of Winter Texans! So many great places to camp within a few hours of you.
  2. Jimbow

    New to the RV World

    Welcome from the land of Winter Texans.
  3. Jimbow

    Lock Fees - A Rant

    I just pulled out an example. I don't care if it's a $1 campsite or free with a $1 lock fee. Anyway it's costing me $1.
  4. Jimbow

    Lock Fees - A Rant

    I don't care what they call any of the fees. I look at the total cost. It doesn't make a difference to me if it's a $40 campsite or a $30 campsite with $10 in fees. Either way it's costing me $40.
  5. Jimbow

    I finally got solar

    Very true. I received a one star review for one of my books (deserved, it's not intended for a general audience) but the reason given was he never received it. It was a digital download and he was looking for a package from Amazon. Lol
  6. Jimbow

    Give me a nudge

    Isn't Jayco Thor Industries? Along with Airstream and Tiffin?
  7. Jimbow

    I finally got solar

    I stopped reading reviews. Basically you'll find good and bad stories about every company out there. I've used their products and been very happy with them. I don't expect them to design my system for me so I was pleased with their CS when I had a question about their product.
  8. Jimbow

    Can you dump gray water into the black tank?

    I've done it several times. I'll use a 5 gallon bucket and just pour out some gray and dump it down the toilet. Simple and very controllable.
  9. Jimbow

    PUP surgery - switch bunk ends so small bunk in front?!

    It doen't sound like you would be doing anything that wouldn't be reversible if it fails. Take plenty of pictures and experiment.
  10. Jimbow

    Camping brings people together

    I remember someone at a Scout outing trying to roll up a tent. Problem is every window and door was zipped shut. He would get to the end and have so much air trapped he couldn't fit it in the stuff sack. When we suggested he unzip the door he replied NO! THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT IN THIS TROOP...
  11. Jimbow

    Do you tow with your bag awning attached?

    I left it on and never even considered taking it off.
  12. Jimbow

    Everything else so expensive

    The other issue keeping used prices up are the payoffs that a lot of sellers are looking at. Many were bought at higher than historical prices with low down payments and financed for ten years. They are upside down with negative equality and can't sell.
  13. Jimbow

    Should I buy: Weize AGM 100ah Battery

    So some needy person stole my Duracell deep cycle battery off my A frame at my storage facility. They took the nuts as well but left the box. I'm thinking they are storing there as well. I'm a teacher, it's almost summer, I'm not getting upset about it. It's a chance to buy a battery. Long...
  14. Jimbow

    Floor plan pros and cons (other than bunkhouse)

    We found the Jayco 21QB (212QB) to be the closest to what we missed in our pup. We actually prefer having the rear living to enjoy typically the woods behind our campsite. When we are inside sitting on the sofa or dinette watching the road isn't why we are camping. We also wanted simple. No...
  15. Jimbow

    Setting up/putting up awning solo

    Good luck. I'd consider not setting up the canopy.
  16. Jimbow

    Acadia NP - Schoodic Peninsula

    Then you . You mentioned picking up a campground book. I use a few apps but always looking for off line resources as well. AAA discountinued their books.
  17. Jimbow

    Acadia NP - Schoodic Peninsula

    There are one or two campsites in Schoodic that are opening each day which generally get booked for a week to ten days. We're still working on getting in there. Ideally closer to June 20th. There is a bit of stress. @PointyCamper Which Maine campground book did you get?
  18. Jimbow

    Very poor quality!

    Which one sells first? 28' quality for $35,000 Or 32' lesser quality for $35,000 Large screen TV or better guts? Fireplace or stronger brackets on tanks? How many buyers check out the axel ratings?
  19. Jimbow

    Well it's been fun...

    Welcome. Mostly we're just like pup owners only older and slower lol
  20. Jimbow

    Bunk end height from mattress to roof

    When we made ours we went with 48" and they tucked slightly behind the couch cushions.