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    Best Campsites

    I second: campsitephotos
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    Campground suggestions near Estes Park in Colorado

    We drove around several of the RMNP CGs. Those closest to Estes Park entrance were filled to capacity and very active. Timber Creek on the western side was not full and more quiet. However, situated in an open meadow.
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    Planning for '17

    We lived in St George for awhile. Loved camping at Moab and Great Basin NP.
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    Hi from Phoenix AZ

    Welcome from The First State Delaware! Also, used to live in Phoenix area in late 70s. DW and I are Sundevils.
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    03 Trail Manor

    I love my 2000 TrailManor because of room and ease of setting up/down.
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    Do you have a campfire?

    Only at night. We do any cooking on interior stove. Never camped in active bear country.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, January 2017

    Raised the TrailManor and checked inside. It was dry and no critters!
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    Death Valley National Park in January

    Nice adventure! We have done many winter camping trips in the Southwest. The high wind and canvas flapping was the worst issue. Have camped at 3 different CGs at Death Valley and one backcountry one without the PUP. I was always amazed how much visitors were in awe this NP.
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    2017 Quad-State Rally

    Never had a chance to camp at Pine Lake. Definitely cool enough to camp in June. Plenty to see within a 2 hours drive.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, January 2017

    Working on some alternatives in FL (1/2 + the distance). Glad you are active on this forum. I keep occasional contact with Unstable Tripod on Facebook.
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    Planning for '17

    Planning for 2017 is so much in the air due to DW health and her ability to work. Would like to visit the SW West and even coastal SoCal.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, January 2017

    Just glanced at it. Western trip on hold.
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    Upstate Ny. New to us pop-up. Ready for camping weather!!!

    Welcome from The First State of Delaware! So scenic up your way. DD is a Syracuse grad.
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    Death Valley Ralley

    Living in DE and working full time with only 2 weeks annual vacation, I will not be able to attend. However, while living in Utah, I have camped there several times: Furnace Creek, Texas Springs, Mesquite Spring and backcountry (roads not PUP friendly). May be a few years before joining but...
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    Expensive RVs

    A off road RV would be nice.
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    Hello from Arizona!!

    Hello from The First State of Delaware! DW and I are Sun Devils.
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    2003 Coleman Utah Trunk - Finished!!!

    I had a 2001 Coleman/Fleetwood Utah and would of loved the great work you did.
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    Trip to Arcadia National Park

    I90 to I80 to I84 to I495 to I95 to I295 to I95 Rt202 to Rt 3 to US1 to Rt3
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    So, what did you do for you camper this month? October 2016

    Drained water out of lines and HWH. Not interested in doing cold weather camping this year.