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    Allegany State Park

    This is one of my favorite parks. I grew up (a long time ago) in Salamanca right next to the park and would go there several times through the summer. We now live in Rochester, NY and try to camp there every year. We have always camped in Red House, but both areas have benefits. Red House is...
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    We are planning on Thursday to Monday. Our son, Andy, is still in school taking finals this week, so we will be commuting between Letchworth and Rochester on Friday. There are good options for firewood locally. There is one on the sideroad just before the Mt. Morris entrance. It was $5 for a...
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    We plan to bring Jumbalaya in the Dutch oven. Might have some dessert too, but we will see.
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    New member in western New York

    Welcome from Rochester, NY. We are going to a Popup Rally in Letchworth in about 9 days. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I don't think there are any sites available right now, but stopping by for the day is always welcome. Feel free to ask any questions. There are lots of answers within...
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    John & Katy new to this site

    Welcome to the Portal from Rochester, NY.
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    Hello from the Capital Region Area of NY

    Welcome to the portal. There are a lot of good people and info here! Where in Central NY are you? We are in Rochester.
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    Leonard Harrison SP - PA Grand Canyon - Trout - Any general advice?

    I don't know much about fishing (other than they were stocking the stream with Trout when we were in the area last Saturday). We spend a lot of time in the area. These are ideas for food: The Log Cabin Inn on Route 6 about 5 miles west of the gorge is one of my favorite restaurants. Timeless...
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    We just booked site 727 for Thursday, 6/9, to Monday, 6/13. We are looking forward to it!
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    The trestle is still up, but replaced within the last 4 to 5 years. It looks similar, a steel arch bridge, but newer than the 1875 steel bridge that was there.
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    We are at Letchworth this week camping. In case anyone wants to see a particular site or has a question. We hope to join everyone in 2022!
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    We are going Dark Monday March 1st

    Very sorry to hear the news. We will keep you in our thoughts.
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    Anyone been to Letchworth State Park

    We live about 30 minutes away. It is a very nice park and camping area. Plan your trip and make your reservation as far ahead as possible. This campground is almost always fully booked.
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    1982 Coleman Popup-(Newbie)Buffalo, N.Y.

    Welcome from Rochester, N.Y.. There are a lot of great camping opportunities in this area. You will have a lot of gun.
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    Hello from Rochester, NY - Manual?

    Welcome from just south of Rochester, NY, (in Rush). Lots of good camping around here and good people to offer advise.
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    Dutchmen king bunk support instructions

    That is correct. You the pull out the king bunk and the "T" shaped supports keep the king bunk from drooping too much. Once the bunk is fully out, then the shorter supports go down to the trailer tongue. Note that there are typically several locations on the tongue for those supports...
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    Hi from Western NY!

    Welcome from Rochester, NY! there are lots of good people and advice here, and a lot of good camping in the area. Enjoy it!
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    Black Moshannon Rally

    We just booked site 37. We look forward to joining you for a great camping weekend.
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    2020 PA Grand Canyon Rally

    Can you confirm the location and date? We might join you if it fits our schedule and we can get the vacation time.
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    Who here has 2 campers, a Popup and ?

    We have 2. We have a 2000 Dutchman 747 and just picked up a small LittleGuy Teardrop for camping when it is just the DW and I. Easier to tow behind the Subaru and immediate, simple set-up when our DS is off Boy Scout camping.
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    4 mile state park 2019 rally

    We are at our site too. Aaacampers at site 230 Alan Amy and Andy