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    any idea where to find a shelf unit?

    I have a 2010 Coleman Utah and I have a space at the end of one of my bunks to put my microwave. Small / low power $40 unit from Walmart that fits perfect and I'm looking for a small shelf unit to place over it and can't find one. Any ideas?
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    Is motorized crank worth it?

    My Utah came with a motorized crank and I love it. Not so fun when the battery is dead and it takes 10 - 15 min to crank it up though. Well worth the extra $$$. Not sure how much it is but spend the extra cash. There is a auto stop when popped up and closed down.
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    What Did You Do To/For Your Camper Today? - July 2011

    thought about her all day....... put my "camping hat" in my truck so i can look at it everytime i get inside wishing i was camping. 25 days left and counting.... [:D]
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    my toys.....

    Thanks everyone! Hey georgeandgracie1 - We just had our first trip this month to Cape Cod. Towed form our house in CT to Eastam, MA and it worked fantastic. 3 - 4 hours of towing and it felt great. i purchsed a break control that "eases" the breaks and again, felt great.
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    Here I go...

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    Which bunk is better to sleep on?

    New Coleman Utah.....both my wife and I slept on both bunk ends. both are king size. We mainly took the back end because it is more open. the front end has the potty/shower and then the sink. We leave up the privacy curtain around the potty for the convienence. Whatever bed is not taken the...
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    How much time a day, week, month do you spend dealing with pup related issues.

    unfortunately not enough time with the camper itself. i have to store my pup three towns away due to where i live. however, i spend a lot of time on this site surfing around all day. i have the site in the background of the computer at work. new camper here also.....a lot of time surfing the...
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    I have officially determined......

    Just came back from our first camping trip EVER as a family. FANTASTIC TIME!! Cape Cod, Eastam, MA I did some tent camping when i was a kid and i can't remember any of it. My wife also camped when she was a kid with her uncle who had a PUP. She remembers some of it but not much...
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    I am new to this whole thing....................I LOVE IT!!!!!! count me into the 12 step progam please. [LOL]
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    HELP!!!! Leaving Tomorrow after work and we just found a mice nest !

    something else to think about...... for this trip, you can pick up a couple of air mattresses to blow up when you get to your camp. air out the current mattresses and then you can steam clean them. if the covers come off you can wash those also. even though the might be fine, you won't be...
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    my toys.....

    Here is a pic of my 2011 Nissan Frontier SV 4X4 and 2010 Coleman Utah
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    Where does your big dog sleep?

    Wwhat a silly question.....with us of course. hahaha. We have a 80lb black labrador named Gracie. She always starts out with us but she may jump off and go to the other bed and sleep. She has a blast!!!
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    This followed me home

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    FIRST camping trip last week!!!

    Well, my family and I had our first camping trip. We went to Eastam, MA (Cape Cod) 30 miles south of Provincetown. It was nice...we went with our neighbors and other friends. My wife, daughter, dog, and myself had our own site and the others had their little 5th wheels. WOW! We really...
  15. 2010 Coleman Utah

    2010 Coleman Utah

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    Tell about your camping life.

    HEY Kate the Kamper, i agree....fires are the best! especially on a cool night. just sitting there staring right into the pit and it's just mesmerizing. can't wait. 4 days to go! [CP]
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    Tell about your camping life.

    Just wondering about everyones camping life. From packing up the camper at home and the ride to the site, setting up your camper and what you all do. Any funny stories? Family stories? Favorite things you do? I hope everyone shares. Thinking about what things I can do with my family.
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    Nissan Frontier V6

    What year did you get? I got mine last month. 2011 Frontier SV 4X4 Crew Cab. 4.0 - Utility package. LOVE THIS TRUCK. I also can't wait to hook up my camper and go. Next week!!!
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    What have you lost on the way?

    [:D] You know it's funny....we haven't camped yet to loose anything, but, I drove down to GA with my neighbor to pick up my camper from PECO Campers. On the way back home, 1 1/2 days about 18 hours total and the entire time I thought we were going to loose the camper. Every pit stop that we...