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  1. flingwing1969

    Coleman ABS Roof - Repair Try II

    Going on two years of outside storage and it looks as good as the day I put it on. No sign of continuing roof decline. I am stoked.
  2. flingwing1969


    Going on 2 years later and it is holding things together very nicely. Zero ability for water intrusion.
  3. flingwing1969

    Grizzly Grip - Any long term on how it is doing?

    Back with an update on my Henry's Tropic-Cool coating. As far as I can see, this has been a complete success story. Remember, I was not experiencing a complete roof failure but the ABS was certainly on its way to failure, and it was progressing at an increasing rate. Micro and some larger...
  4. flingwing1969

    Starting a new project

    If everything works with shore power, then it should be able to be made to work well under 12 volt with little difficulty. Everything you use most often, water pump (if you have an electric) and lights are 12vdc and shore power is converted from AC to DC to make them work. Therefore, any...
  5. flingwing1969

    Camping Rocker Question

    I think you will be much happier with the GCI Roadtrip Rocker, I have two of these style and they work well on all ground types. The conventional curved rockers will indeed mire themselves in soft ground and prevent rocking entirely.
  6. flingwing1969

    1994 Cobra Flagstaff 618-LTD Manual Needed

    Sorry, I misread your model. But you might have luck here finding a furnace manual. Good luck.
  7. flingwing1969

    1994 Cobra Flagstaff 618-LTD Manual Needed

    You can go here for a manual but the owner's manuals are pretty generic so I would suggest pulling the manual for your exact furnace - there should be one here as well. Good luck.
  8. flingwing1969

    trailer dolly vs tandem axle

    I have several tandem axle trailers - no TT though. I frequently move them around with my tractor and a special attachment I made on my forks. The tractor has no difficulty moving the trailer, of course, but with a tandem axle trailer, anything other than a very gradual one ends up actually...
  9. flingwing1969

    Simple solar setup?

    Here is one person's real-time experience with running his furnace all night on a battery. Also, I run two 12v deep cycle batteries in parallel as opposed to two 6v in series to produce 12v. The reason is that I use my batts one at a time in case one fails or goes too low for use, I simply...
  10. flingwing1969

    Purchased PUP with Bill of Sale

    Super news! I'm happy your problems were solved and that worry is off the table.
  11. flingwing1969

    well it lasted a year. Our hybrid has lost its hold.

    I have no experience with this camper but Old_Geezer seems to know. If the issue is too much space and not enough tent to fill it, is it possible to remove the J-Lock, add a 1 inch (or so) wide strip of aluminum flat (or something) to the J-Lock previously attached and then reinstall the J-Lock...
  12. flingwing1969

    Possible Roof Frame Issues - 1998 Coleman Avalon

    You are oh so right xxxapache. I see a rebuild in the future. Good news, it will fix it - bad news, it's not for the faint of heart!
  13. flingwing1969

    Parents first PUP

    Here is what info I could find on the Travel Mate TT.
  14. flingwing1969

    Parents first PUP

    Here it a pic of the '68 Wheel Camper Brochure. You can get some of the history HERE.
  15. flingwing1969

    California camping and pup remodeling - here we come!

    Welcome. Unfortunately, California Camping Style is now "no overnight stays in campgrounds." It'll give you lots of time to get your PUP in perfect shape anyway.
  16. flingwing1969

    How difficult/costly to restore connections for electric brakes?

    That is only a 1300 lb trailer so, brakes are great but not required. If you have a heavier towing vehicle with strong brakes you can really forego them. I like having brakes in any case but it is certainly not a big deal if you can't make it happen. The other posters have told you good stuff...
  17. flingwing1969

    2010 Coleman Sun Valley

    Also, I have a 2002 Coleman Santa Fe WITH an ABS Strata Roof, and it has issues with the failure of the ABS outer skin that are inevitable. I have owned it for almost 8-years now and it has served me very well with no major repairs being required at all. I paid $3000 for it, knowing that it...
  18. flingwing1969

    2010 Coleman Sun Valley

    The 2010 Colemans do not have the ABS roofs. They were phased out beginning in 2003 1/2. That year model also does not have the AlumiTite Krystal Kote Composite Roof which leaked around various "seals". The PUP your are considering, might have the Filon roof which had some reported issues...
  19. flingwing1969

    Missing VIN number

    On my 2003 Santa Fe, the VIN is on the left side of the box, near the front, forward of the shore water supply inlet. It is also on a plate inside the door to the cassette toilet, if you have one. As another said, it is also stamped on the frame (usually) but I don't know where that might be.