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  1. Annunzi

    Trying to Decide

    As you've stated, there's pro's and con's to each model and it really depends on your individual situation. We're also in our mid-40's and have been pop-up camping for almost a decade, and our next RV will definitely be a full size travel trailer. While we do love all the windows and headroom...
  2. Annunzi

    Greetings from Quebec, Canada

    Welcome from BC! Enjoy your new memory maker!
  3. Annunzi

    Hello from Powell River, British Columbia

    Welcome from Victoria! Looking forward to seeing some pics of those remote lakes! :)
  4. Annunzi

    Returned from the darkside...

    Welcome back to the light! I've got a 2020 Rockwood HW277, definitely recommend the grey water drain update @E-Rawk recommends above. In addition, I got 2 short (3') sewer hoses and a Y-connector, so I can drain the black and then the grey tank without having to manually swap the sewer hose off...
  5. Annunzi

    Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada eh!

    Welcome from Vancouver Island, enjoy your new rig!
  6. Annunzi

    Black tank flush problem

    Here's a pic of the back flush tank rinser:
  7. Annunzi

    Black tank flush problem

    Another cheaply made/poorly designed RV part, what a surprise! My rig doesn't have a black tank flush, so I use this to back flush tank rinser a few times a season and I've been very happy with it:
  8. Annunzi

    Brake Controllers

    We used the Curt Echo for a few years with our HW popup, but decided to go back to a tradition wired brake controller (Tekonsha Primus) for the following reasons: The physical connection between the Echo and the popup 7way wire was not very secure, we had to strengthen it with a velcro strap To...
  9. Annunzi

    CPAP Recall Philips

    Here's the latest update from the FDA: Given how serious the recall was, there's no way I'd be comfortable using another Phillips CPAP machine...
  10. Annunzi

    Viking Express/Coachman Clippers

    We had a 2013 Coachmen Clipper 106 Sport for five years, and were happy with it overall as a starter trailer. I have mixed feelings about the glide lock bed and the support cables, as they are more convenient but as a taller person (6'2"), I found the cables impeded on my head and foot room, and...
  11. Annunzi

    Hello from Winterpeg

    Welcome from BC! Hope you get to use your new to you camper soon!
  12. Annunzi

    Bunk end height from mattress to roof

    According to this website, the standard length is 44" for a Rockwood, which is in the same Forest River family as the Coachmen, so hopefully that gives you some idea if no one else can get a measurement.
  13. Annunzi

    Switched awhile ago.....

    Those Grand Designs are really nice, my parents have a Reflection 5th wheel which they are very happy with. The fit and finish on them is very nice, and they make very efficient use of the space.
  14. Annunzi

    Does the tow vehicle cut it?

    If you're looking for a good value full-size SUV, check out the Nissan Armada or Infiniti QX56/80, they are both body on frame and can tow around 9,000 pounds. That's the tow capacity I'd want for towing something like the Roo.
  15. Annunzi

    Does the tow vehicle cut it?

    There's no way i'd pull a trailer that big with your Explorer. The GVWR for that Roo is over 6,600 pounds, which well exceeds your tow limit. Here in BC, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have a trailer with a GVWR that exceeds your tow rating. Would also likely void your insurance if you ever got...
  16. Annunzi

    Hello from Bellingham, WA

    Welcome from Vancouver Island, best of luck with your search!
  17. Annunzi

    March 2023 - What did you do for your camper?

    Took stock of all the crap that accumulated on the roof over the Winter while in the garage. The roof becomes one big storage shelf and you'd never know it was bare last Fall.
  18. Annunzi

    motorized king bed (you saw the idea here first!)

    This is a novel idea, but I don't think I've ever had a setup/takedown where the bed slid in/out smoothly without catching on something, so you'd have to be very careful if using a motorized slide. Also, where would you mount the motor to run it, it seems the front/back "walls" of most pups are...
  19. Annunzi

    Towing capacity - 2002 Fleetwood Niagra and 2016 Honda Odyssey

    Personally, I would not be comfortable towing a pup with a 3500 pound GVWR with a minivan with a 3500 pound tow capacity. Older pups were infamous for understating their weight ratings, so I'd bet the farm that the true weight of that pup is more than the manufacturer specs. Even if you are...
  20. Annunzi

    What??!! No bed support poles needed!!

    On our old Clipper, the cable attached to the bed slide about 2/3's of the way down the width of the bed. There was no counter support cable, it just had a metal anchor at the top of each frame support.