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  1. tls2971

    New to Kentucky.

    Welcome from Lexington! I second the Mammoth Cave area. It's beautiful down there. You might also look into the Red River Gorge / Natural Bridge area going towards Western KY. Just check out all the state parks we have to offer and I'm sure you'll find a winner.
  2. tls2971

    Private Campground cost - am I being cheap?

    I agree, $65 a night isn't terrible for a private campground. One right on the lake is typically going to cost more anyway. Think of this as more than "just" camping, which it is. It's a reunion with your family members and that's what really matters. :grin: You can't put a price on that...
  3. tls2971

    Hello from Kentucky

    I'm in Kentucky too! Welcome to the portal!
  4. tls2971

    Camping in and near Gatlinburg, Tenn.

    We are going to be camping at Camp River's Landing Labor Day weekend. It will be out first time there but I thought it looked nice. They have shady spots and you can relax in the river.
  5. tls2971

    Need advice, wanted to go camping and was impatient.

    I agree that you should restore. For the age of the camper and the cost it is still in great shape. I think it looks really nice actually, but then again, I thought mine looked really nice too. [LOL] I'm just being selfish in that I love the ol' hardside Palominos and I would love to see you...
  6. tls2971

    Need advice, wanted to go camping and was impatient.

    Mine is a 1984 StarCraft Starflyer 19. So, it's probably different then yours by a bit.
  7. tls2971

    Need advice, wanted to go camping and was impatient.

    I'm with Karley020. I have had the same experience. What started as just cosmetic changes turned into a severely water damaged roof that needs to be completely rebuilt. My DH is very handy as well, but like she said above, it's my project and not his so he's in no hurry. It's depressing...
  8. tls2971

    Bearings service lexington ky?

    I live in Lexington myself and my DH maintenances our PUP, including the bearings. If you get stuck send me a message and I'll see if he can help you.
  9. tls2971

    New PUP owner in Cincinnati

    Welcome from Kentucky! You need to come check out the Red River Gorge/ Natural Bridge area. There are some beautiful campgrounds and hiking trails in this area and it's only about 2-3 hours away from you. Have fun camping!
  10. tls2971

    Idea for additional bunk end support?

    Really? That's a crap comment right there. I hope every 500 lb. person in the world can get out there and camp. Just because they are overweight (and even extremely so) doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to enjoy camping in a PUP if they want to and physically can. Or, if me and my DH want...
  11. tls2971

    My New Rig

    She does match! That's awesome. Congratulations and have fun camping! :laugh:
  12. tls2971

    Looking at our first PUPs today

    Post pictures! We are so excited for you!
  13. tls2971

    1979 Bethany Citation 86 rebuild

    Your mother is a Rockstar too! What help she has been with all the sewing and what a great job you have done with all the renovations. I am so impressed!
  14. tls2971

    First time out for my first Father's Day

    Happy first Father's Day and congrats on a successful maiden voyage. I'm glad all you had so much fun.
  15. tls2971


    Welcome from Kentucky!
  16. tls2971

    1999 Starcraft Spacemaster

    Truthfully, this all seems like Greek to me, but I still so impressed by all that you have done. I can not wait to see the finished product. Great job!
  17. tls2971

    Hello From Cincinnati

    Hello from Lexington, KY! What is your favorite OH state park? I'll check it out and see if it's within driving distance. You might also check out some of our state parks. The KY Horse Park in Lexington is nice.
  18. tls2971

    Poll: What Timeframe Was YOUR Pup Built?

    1984 StarCraft - all original - but we just built a new roof for it and purchased new canvas. Plus, I removed all the benches, table, sink, etc. so the only thing left original is the frame. :shocked:
  19. tls2971

    Dutch Oven cookbooks

    These are great! I am printing them now. Thank you so much!
  20. tls2971

    Heading out

    Have fun and be safe!