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    Album: Checkout My Rig

  2. Camper front

    Camper front

  3. Florida morning

    Florida morning

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    Carefree of Colorado awning

    Great awning, I had installed one on my Jayco that was ready for a replacement and used it for years - trouble free; and now our ntu Rockwood came with the same awning, we use the awning every time we camp.
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    Popup Gutter

    The J-channel works great for me, I tried the sliced in half pvc pipe but it would never stay in place.
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    Looking at new PUPs

    Our Rockwood 2270 has the front u-shaped sofa which has a second table that can be set-up, we never use it but could be a good place for an inside game of cards or a meal during a storm. The layout makes for a large open space and a great place to relax before retiring for the night.
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    Anyone order from rvwholesalers?

    Ordered my Prodigy P2 brake controller from them, about $20.00 less than anywhere else, shipped quickly - no problems.
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    2002 Rockwood Freedom 2270

    Congrats Anthony, we bought a 2003 Rockwood 2270 this summer ourselves and live in Florida as well. We are loving our camper, great layout and lots of room. Where are you in FL? -Mike
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    New to Me (Us) 1992 Jayco 1006 Deluxe

    Congrats and welcome from Florida, I had a 1991 Jayco 1006 Deluxe for 9 years and just sold it this summer for our '03 Rockwood, if you have any questions, give me a shout!
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    How young a camper are you?

    We both turned 50 back in August, we're three days apart and were even in the same kindergarten class, dated in HS and finally got it together 5 yrs ago. [:D]
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    New Table

    Well done, that table is beautiful!
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    Creative Exterior Paint Jobs?

    That does look awesome! Are those mountains decals, or painted on there?
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    Just booked Hillsborough River SP..

    Looks nice, anybody ever been to E.G. Simmons Park - a Hillsborough County Park in Ruskin? Great kayak launches from every site with nice access to Tampa Bay. photo1 by mjs1979549, on Flickr
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    Added outside cooktop

    Thanks salsa - here is where I got the bracket: It was kida pricey at $20.00 but it is heavy stainless steel meant to support a boat's swim platform in salt water, it was the right size for the job, I just had to chamfer the...
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    Added outside cooktop

    PDieter, I like your kitchen set-up, does that shelf slide out of your pup? Bears not too much of a concern in coastal Florida State Parks, I will take advice into consideration if I ever make my way to the northwest. Worst beast I have dealt with are the pesky raccoons if you forget to make...
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    Added outside cooktop

    Thanks Wrenchgear, here is a link to the wheels and tires combo I bought locally, when I got the pup it had the original 12" radials and the tires had some dry rot cracking on the sidewalls though the tread was fine. I always wanted aluminum rims and saw these that included center caps and s/s...
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    Added outside cooktop

    Gas line was already there on the side of the pup from the factory for the RVQ grill, same set-up as the Jayco had with a plastic hatch, just took the quick release nipple from the RVQ to use on this cooktop so the gas line coupler could connect to it.
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    Added outside cooktop

    I got a piece of the same channel that came on the side of the pup from a local RV store to hang the counter top from, the support brace is a stainless steel swim platform support from a marine surplus parts store and that attaches to the underside of the counter unit and to the side of the pup...
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    Added outside cooktop

    Our ntu Rockwood pup came with the RVQ grill for the outside, and having a Weber Q we really didn't need it but wished that we had a removable cooktop like our old Jayco 1006 had. So I ordered a 2-burner Stainless Steel Attwood drop-in cooktop and cover and picked up a pre-formed countertop at...
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    What Happened to my Awning???

    Ditto Bupkiss, Carefree is a much better awning than what the original was, replaced the awning on my old Jayco and my present Rockwood came with a Carefree Campout. Somebody was probably bobbing and weaving behind you!