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  1. SuperYooper

    Window repair

    The vinyl did rip away from the stitching. It is the vinyl window that ripped, not the screen. I have taken down the canvas and have decided to sew a new window onto the canvas myself. We do not live in a heavily populated area, so choices for purchasing vinyl are scarce. Does anyone know...
  2. SuperYooper

    Window repair

    Hello, I'm hoping that I can get some help in repairing a window on my Starcraft Starflyer 1021. I've had it for about 6 years but made the mistake of letting my parents borrow it 2 years ago (was not able to camp last year due to things). I'm not what I would consider to be handy but I'm...
  3. SuperYooper


    My FIL has been upgrading everything and showing it all off, which of course makes everyone like him more. [:(!] That being said, his new truck upgrade (some sort of Chevy Silverado) has been a boon for him when camping. He subscribes to OnStar for something ridiculous like $20 a month for...
  4. SuperYooper

    I'm Back !

    I see you are traveling through the bottom of the Upper Peninsula at some point...make sure to take some time and see Fayette and/or Kitch-iti-kipi on your way to the St. Ignace. Have a pastie too!
  5. SuperYooper

    Michigan Are we in for another 87?

    Ha! You sound like you could be an honorary Yooper! I know you think you have it terrible BUT it was a light winter and has only been rainy...I'd take that over snoh anyday. Point of reference, many a year we have gotten FEET of snoh for Mothers Day, I don't see that happening this year which...
  6. SuperYooper

    Tomorrow is the day. Awning poles moving from ground to camper frame

    That is a darn good question. I knew mine would work because the size if the awning is small. I think the awning I have is half the size of the one you have lengthwise. I used a fairly thick piece of pvc for replacing the lengthwise pole and it only has a slight bend to it on mine. As for water...
  7. SuperYooper

    Tomorrow is the day. Awning poles moving from ground to camper frame

    I did this mod and it has worked perfect for is how it turned out. I used flagpole holders to hold the poles. I used two different widths of pvc to make poles that slide. One side slides halfway so I can tilt it if it rains. They are held in place by pins. I used 90's and...
  8. SuperYooper

    New to camping in the UP

    Well, isn't this topic right in my wheelhouse. [:D] I've been on a mission to get to most of the campgrounds in the UP to experience everything there is to offer. This year will be even better as I am taking my drone with me to get shots of everything I see. As to where to go, I can only...
  9. SuperYooper

    Woodland Park Campground

    That is our favorite CG, we go there at least once a year. There are no reservations, so come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday to get the prime spots...we usually get an interior spot when we show up Friday, which isn't bad. Beach is great, local brews available and the drive along the lakeshore...
  10. SuperYooper

    Upper Peninsula Lake Superior Trip - Finalizing the Agenda Options List

    I know of a couple slot-type wood bins outside Munising too...unfortunately you have to purchase wood here since it's illegal to transport due to Ash Borer Moths. There are not a lot of places to eat in Munising, Haywire is probably the best, Falling Rock for a quick lunch downtown (lots of...
  11. SuperYooper

    Upper Peninsula Lake Superior Trip - Finalizing the Agenda Options List

    As a Yooper, I've done all the things you have listed. I would give a YES to the Shipwreck Museum and the Au Sable Lightstation, a resounding ABSOLUTELY to Mac Island, a MEH to Grand Island Bus Tour (I'd personally take the Jet Boat, Riptide Ride...more exciting, still get to see the Island and...
  12. SuperYooper

    So, what did you do for your camper, May 2015

    Finished up the awning pole mod. Used 1" PVC along the end, adjustable flagpole holders attached to the frame and cotterless pins to secure the height I want. Quick and easy setup now as I did a trial run and am able to put it up by myself instead of having to get help from one of my minions...
  13. SuperYooper

    Lake Superior Camping with Reservations - Which location would you choose

    I guess the real question is how long you are planning on staying. All the locations you have listed are fantastic to look at. Personal favorite aside, there isn't a bad view anywhere here. That said, some of the places might be within driving distance to go see. From Marquette, Houghton is...
  14. SuperYooper

    Favorite Pie Iron recipes?

    It hasn't even broken 50 degrees at night here and everyone has me thinking of Taco Tents. Every recipe is different but here is what we do. 3-4 tubes of crescent rolls, keeping them as square as possible - not triangle. Spray the inside of the pie iron (Rome certainly is the best) with Pam...
  15. SuperYooper

    Hi, from SW Michigan

    Hello from the UP! Grand Haven SP is fantastic, used to live in that will have a great time. Any other trips planned for the year?
  16. SuperYooper

    The "up north phenomenon"

    As a Yooper driver, interstate is unheard of. The major roads, US41, US2 and M28 all have the single lane/passing lane issues. Not enough passing lanes to make traffic better and just enough in the way of terrible drivers to push you over the edge. My personal favorite is the passing lane...
  17. SuperYooper

    Michigan Family... new to us '04 Fleetwood Bayside

    Hello from the UP (the "real" Northern Michigan)! Where are you planning on taking your NTU pup this year?
  18. SuperYooper

    The life and death of my 1st pop up.. 15 min of fame

    The title of this thread made me cringe when I first saw it. As I read the story I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, I could see this happening to me." I believe this because bad luck follows me everywhere and because I'm a Michigander...all of us have had something like this happen to us. Then...
  19. SuperYooper


    Hello from the UP! Where are you planning on going this year?
  20. SuperYooper

    Do you keep a telescope in the popup?

    Great, now there's another thing to pack. ;) Usually the only time I get to take out the telescope is during the and work get in the way otherwise. Munising, MI has a grassy airport that I sneak onto at night...great views all around.