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  1. RonDad

    Advice on heaters...

    Any recommendations for best electric heat option? I'd like to have something either as a backup or to lessen the usage of the furnace while camping with hookups.
  2. RonDad

    Adding Lights

    Here's an example where someone used magnetic switches on the cabinet doors + LED strip mounted inside. Pretty nice:
  3. RonDad

    Galley cabinets

    Keep in mind patience is one of the required skills to complete the job.
  4. RonDad

    OCD Leveling

    I don’t think being level is OCD behavior at all. Experienced campers are prepared to go through their leveling process before knowing how far out of level their site/position will be. So if they have to throw down 1 block vs 2 or 3, there is not a significant variation from “the plan” - and you...
  5. RonDad

    I'm A Campaholic!

    Ironically, we recommend short, local shakedown trips on this forum. Get a sense of how things work, what you need/ don’t need to pack, how the vehicle tows while loaded with “normal” load, and so on. Just imagine everyone is following our advice…or at a one night stopover on a longer drive.
  6. RonDad

    Shore Powerless.

    Many things ARE confusing until you’ve learned about them. But now you know the name of a plug with the test/reset buttons in the middle! They share the same name in your home as your camper. If you don’t already know camper maintenance, learning the terms is on the to-do list. In the end, it’s...
  7. RonDad

    First trip with our Rockwood TT & RAV4 Prime- a great combo!

    Yay! Correcting one awning deployment at a time here on the forum. They are REALLY disappointing things when not done correctly. Mine was installed upside down when I bought the trailer used. [::)]
  8. RonDad

    Towing problems - new vehicle, old trailer

    After reading through this it still sounds like a tongue too high & light problem, I think. Unless you’re in some rough conditions, you shouldn’t be able to de-load a ~500lb tongue to feel vertical play in your hitch. If you’re able to deactivate the anti-sway feature on the tow vehicle, it’s...
  9. RonDad

    do NOT back in to a dead-end campsite in fire country

    Ohhhh! Don’t go there at all! So this wasn’t a forward/reverse thing after all. I never read it from that perspective.
  10. RonDad

    do NOT back in to a dead-end campsite in fire country

    Equally confused between “drove in and was trapped” and the recommendation to “NOT back in”.
  11. RonDad

    TV Has Fried Electrical System

    $4k of “too busy” in this case. That’s a shame with all of those pre-existing things that it came down to one towing trip.
  12. RonDad

    Myrtle Beach State Park Oct. 18-21, 2013

    Stayed at MBSP this past weekend (Oct 1st-3rd, 2021). Was well aware of the location compared to the airport. Was not aware that this was the tail-end of MB Bike Week! You all will probably be surprised when I say: I actually found this to be a quiet campground. At one point I had to walk...
  13. RonDad

    Roof box/bike rack mounted on PUP roof

    Build or purchase one where you remove the front wheels of the bikes and attach the forks to a rack mounted to the tongue. Dramatically reduces the weight on the roof itself…but some is still up there. But definitely…go camping! My $.02.
  14. RonDad

    Premium gas?

    Ford recommendation…?
  15. RonDad

    Fridge leveling

    Right. So 45-degrees = 100% Heres a calculator with both:
  16. RonDad

    Fridge leveling

    As long as dometic was clear that it was degrees and not grade. I could imagine a manufacturer writing in grade (%) instead of angle for trailers. Don’t know that they would, but I imagine that they could. This would require another calculation between % and degrees and result in the fridge...
  17. RonDad

    Winter Camping

    From VA; live in NC now. There are very few days in an average year where it is too cold to enjoy camping in a popup. I wouldn’t call it brutally cold; but uncomfortably cold at times. Problem I would run into is planning activities. After being out for a few hours in the cold, it’s nice to...
  18. RonDad

    Overcrowded Campgrounds

    Try these: No mess.
  19. RonDad

    Oregon Profiting Off Out of Staters.

    Like tuition differences at state colleges?
  20. RonDad

    Camp Site lighting

    If this works too, that is a lot of value for little cost!! [:D]