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    New Guy

    Welcome! [:D]
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    Roof repair on 1980s Coleman it worth it???

    Welcome! [:D] Was it free? Why didn't you open it b4?
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    Multiple Trailer Locks Keyed Alike...... Where To Buy ?

    I would talk to a local locksmith - they might be able to key them the same.
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    Coffee Maker

    Nice [;)]
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    New Member

    Welcome! [:D] Glad you finally joined in [;)]
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    New PUP owner here in N Al.

    Welcome! [:D]
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    Popup poltergeist...?

    Funny [LOL]
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    Hello From Alaska

    Welcome! Plenty of us down here to help and guide [;)]
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    Serro Scotty

    That will be fun! There are many kinds of retro clubs. We saw a group of ladies and they had all the camps set up '50's to '70's.
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    New To Us Fleetwood Utah CP

    Nice! We had an '04 Utah and really liked it.
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    New 2015 Trailmanor 3124 KD (Being built now)

    Welcome! [:D] I was looking at the Trailmanor site last night. You'll be very happy.
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    Welcome! :)
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    Travel trailers with short exterior height?

    Take the wheels off and set the axles on dollies, then push it in under cover. My Uncle did it to get his boat in the garage. I would not mess with the A/C.
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    Travel trailers with short exterior height?

    Old Shasta's? There is an older small TT right around the corner from here. No way it's 8 feet tall and it aint but 6 feet wide either!
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    One reason NOT to Bumper tow

    Have You Driven MOST of a Ford Lately?
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    Road Shower anyone?

    All I saw was a shot of showering bikini Babe [LOL] I ordered 3. What are they?
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    2004 Fleetwood With Alumatite Roof

    Contact cement will work. My '04 Utah never leaked and had a few small waves from cond. like yours.
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    An idea...

    Hillsboro, OR There is also a free plastic box that is the same shape.