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  1. kitphantom

    Wiring diagram for our 2008 Fleetwood Saratoga pup - where to find?

    The consensus seems to be that wiring diagrams seldom, if ever exist. There are parts books on colemanpopupparts, which might give you an idea of what pieces/parts the lighting and switches may be. Keep tracing the lines up to and along the roof lines. The connectors may become detached, wither...
  2. kitphantom

    Coleman step door lock replacement

    You might want to begin your own thread, with a good subject line, since this thread is pretty old.
  3. kitphantom

    Pop up dmv question

    There should be info online for you dmv. The rules vary a lot form state to state
  4. kitphantom

    Going all DC in PUP no need for AC uses off-grid.

    We arrived at owning a popup with power needs via years of tent camping and a popup with no real power. Therefore, when we added items we could use, we stuck with the DC type. It's worked well for us, most of the time, we're dry camping. Solar works well in the places we camp most often, in the...
  5. kitphantom

    Use of a walkie-talkie (pair) while backing up

    Since I sometimes camp solo, I've learned to do things alone. I try not to have to back in, neither of us likes to back the current trailer. I got so I could back both popups, and have actually backed this trailer into what the camp host told me later was the most difficult site in the...
  6. kitphantom

    Use of a walkie-talkie (pair) while backing up

    We just depend on the other person talking, and we don't have to shout, unless there's too much ambient noise. I stand well off to the side, so Courtneay can see me, and we have the windows down. If I need to give too many details, he stops, I walk to the window, and explain - that may happen in...
  7. kitphantom

    June 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Wonder of wonders, it seems like the drip from the fresh water tank drain extension, which we'd never solved since we added the extention, may be gone. We put a new cap on yesterday, since the old one was worn, and just icky from the algae on the threads, and road dirt on the outside. I suspect...
  8. kitphantom

    Lynx block bundle for dirt cheap $25 on Amazon (10 leveling blocks, 4 caps, 2 chocks)

    Thanks for the heads-up. We have 4 sets, plus caps and chocks, but this is a great deal, so I bought one It's really time for us to start weeding out the oldest/more weather exposed ones. Some of ours are 11 years old. We now keep 5 stacks of 5 blocks + cap under the trailer year-round, so...
  9. kitphantom

    Hello from the Colorado Front Range!

    Welcome from NM. Great places to camp in CO. We have two separate week-long trips there this year.
  10. kitphantom

    June 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    I'd done a pretty decent cleaning job before we closed up for the winter, although I didn't bother to wash the floor. I knew we'd track dirt in, so waited until just before the first trip to wash that. Since the trailer is parked with the door side next to the dirt strip, tracking in just...
  11. kitphantom

    June 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    While we were camping last weekend, I found mouse turds and damage on one of our better chairs. We had FHUs, so I could get that and the undamaged one cleaned and dried in the sun. Today, we started sorting through the other chairs, table, cart, patio mats, etc. in the garage. No more mouse...
  12. kitphantom

    Greetings from the desert southwest

    Welcome from NM. If you haven't yet found it, colemanpopupparts has parts lists, manuals (there are some on here too) and brochures
  13. kitphantom

    Coleman lock popped out

    Does the door actually need to be disassembled to replace the lock? There are screws on the lock in your photo. We never had to replace that lock on our popups, but we have replaced locks (plural) on our TT, and the door didn't have to be disassembled to do that.
  14. kitphantom

    Coleman lock popped out

    Is it obvious if it's broken, or just fell apart. This looks like the same one, I don't know if a local locksmith would have the same one, although they do carry RV-useful locks. .
  15. kitphantom

    Need to figure out what solar we may need. too many choices!

    With our Coleman Cobalt, we did fine with 60 watts of solar, we mostly camp in the 4 Corners States. We had just one group 24 battery on that, to run two LED ceiling lights and the furnace, plus the occasional item in the 12v outlet, such as a fan. We also moved the panel connection between the...
  16. kitphantom

    Thule Omnistor 1200 awning

    Yes, but they sell some items in the US. We've had 3 of their car top cargo carriers; the first one didn't fare well from hitting a deer at 60 mph back in the late '90s. At some point, we needed spare parts for one and were able to order them, but it's been a while. (We can't use the cargo box...
  17. kitphantom

    Thule Omnistor 1200 awning

    This seems to be a US website, although I don't see that model awning listed, there are parts listed for sale for others. You might try contacting them.{18E0CA51-3AD8-47F7-B803-33F6E4D2E455}&sc={D9221951-5088-4F7B-92F0-8F96143B9290}&q=490008
  18. kitphantom

    June 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    June, already! Camping season for us has just begun, yet seems to be flying by - I got a 3-month reminder email this morning, for our Labor Day week trip. Here is the monthly battery charge reminder, for those who need one. I have gotten as far as making some new plans for my trip next week...
  19. kitphantom

    Aliner - Sink Not Draining

    With some drain designs, folks have added a vent to help it drain better.
  20. kitphantom

    Keep tabs on campground info

    This is a little about reservations services, a little about online info, and also about trip planning, I've stuck it here in the "General" section. My suggestion is to keep tabs on all the current conditions at campgrounds you plan to use, whether you have reservations or not. The websites...

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