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    2012 Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness Rally

    Hello pup friends. Hi ya from sue and otis .Hope everyone is ok.To hear about the fires is so sad, and my sweet friends losing loved ones from their family. Otis and I have had our downs too. Otis suffered a stroke after thanksgiving. He is still having a hard time talking, but he is getting...
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    another newbie (to batteries) question

    At 2.5W / LED bulb and 2 Bulbs you should be able to go for a couple of weeks with no problems. The heater is another problem. On the heater the problem is the blower motor and how much time it runs. You need to know how much current the motor draws, 2.5A, 5A, or what ever. The next thing you...
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    WFCO 8725 vs Parallax 6730

    I don't know much about the Parallax 6730 but I changed my converter out the the WFCO 8725 a few years ago and never looked back. I just used the breakers out of my old converter. My vote is for the WFCO 8725.
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    Proper PSI?????

    Ray, The tires are small so they need more air to support the load. 75 psi sounds about right. You need that much pressure to support the max load of 910 lbs / tire. That will keep the side walls of the tire from flexing too much and will keep the tire from overheating. Soft side walls and...
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    Dog Rant from Dog Owner

    I just got home from 4 weeks on boondocking in the Colorado mountains. I took my dog and we had a great time with him. He is young and he is a rescue puppy to boot so he has some issues. I keep him on a leash, like the rules in the NF say and it keeps him, and me out of trouble. I saw many dogs...
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    2012 Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness Rally

    Re: Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness 2012 Rally He just has to learn to run faster. When some one starts looking for volunteers you have to know how to RUN!
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    Rocky Mountain Rampage Rally

    We are leaving out in the morning and will be waiting on the rest of you.
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    installing a power winch on a Skamper...hopefully :)

    Please post pictures, lots of pictures. I am planning on doing the same thing this fall when it cools down some. Did you replace the main cable or just hook the main cable on the lift system to the winch?
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    Help with abbreviations!

    Welcome to the portal from Texas.
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    Rocky Mountain Rampage Rally

    First dibs on the enchiladas and a big bowl of pasole. Can't wait to get out of this 100* weather here in Texas.
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    Rocky Mountain Rampage Rally

    Bearman512, Otis Geer here. I am planning to set up camp at Lost Trail campground if I can get a spot there, if not there then further up the road. There are a few nice places a little further up the road. We were there last year. We have a green/white Skamper sport and a dark blue Silverado and...
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    Mold on bedding

    As long as the mold did not get in the foam rubber mattress you should be able to clean everything else and be OK.
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    Taylor Park, June 2011

    Great photos, especially the fish. Wish I could have been there.
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    12 volt to 3 volt

    The devices that Twisty and aeisbren suggested should do the job if you do not need more than an amp of current when it sparks. Good luck!
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    Busted !!! A Leaf In A Spring, That Is !!

    Last year while on vacation in the mountains of Colorado I broke the main leaf of the spring on the curb side of my camper. When it broke that end of the axle swung back about 8" and the camper frame went down and settled on the tire. I was going up a dirt road looking for a place to camp when...
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    Changing from 12AMP Converter to 25AMP

    I did the same thing to my Skamper a couple of years back.
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    Came back to civilization for supply's !

    Looks like a great vacation from here and some wonderful memories.
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    Wrong Antifreeze Used in Water Tank

    You may also want to check with your local poison control.
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    Easy Clean-up Pancakes

    I have been reusing the Bisquick jars for a couple of years now. I marked the amount of mix and water on the outside.
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    Wheel Bearing Dust Cap Problem

    I had the same problem with the right hub on my pup for a long while. I replaced the dust cap about a half dozen times. I tried everything and finely used a screw driver and cut some gouges in the part of the cap that fits up in the hub and then did the same on the inside of the hub with a...