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    coleman taos lift assembly problem

    I had to replace mine too. Got a aftermarket whiffletree from Canvas Replacements. Better than original.
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    AC/Roof Maintanance

    No Eternabond is awesome. Lots of info on the forum about it.
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    Spray Lithium grease on roof suppport posts?

    My pups previous owner did the same thing. That stuff is messy.
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    Should I mess with the awning?

    My last trip it rained every morning for at least an hour. The awning was very helpful. But I think its good for keeping dew off of things too.
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    Ceramic heater question

    Those heaters are safe. People watch too much Dateline.
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    First "Real" Camp, Looks To Rain and Rain, What should I have for leaks?

    Re: First "Real" Camp, Looks To Rain and Rain, What should I have for leaks? Don't worry about the weather forecast. They can't predict very well IMO. Like others said, take duct tape and a tarp just in case.
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    Heart Warming Story

    I knew that was coming. Hahaha
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    Is Furnace worth it?

    Don't have a furnace. Wish I did.
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    Bunk Ends Question

    Don't paint it. Go camping instead.
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    Canvas Replacement Needed?? - Where to Buy??

    I would go with the one that I believe has the best product. Price won't matter when you find out the canvas has an issue or something. What are talking. ...A few hundred bucks?
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    What did you learned on your first trip that you wish someone had told you before?

    Make a list. Save it to Google drive so it always with you. Put everything you take on that list. One column is stuff that goes in the pup. The other column is stuff that goes in the tow vehicle. Always check the list before you leave. And yes the crank handle is on the list!
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    what happens if electric lift doesn't work

    I don't have an electric lift but that is my biggest fear - getting to the campground and not being able to lift the roof for some reason.
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    I only use OD on flat ground.
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    Hybrid questions

    Strange. I am scouring the manufacturer websites tying to find something small and light that HAS a shower.
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    Noobie alert

    Where are you from Steve?
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    Good cordless drill that can be charged w/12v?

    My fj cruiser has a 110 volt plug.
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    Who knew....

    Facebook smacebook
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    Bike rack set up (with harbor freight items)

    Can you post a pic? I really want to do that to my pup as well. Thanks.
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    Bike rack for PALOMINO PONY
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    Canvas leaking?

    I bought waterproofing solution from Canvas Replacements. Works. Water beads.