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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    Hmmm...I go through that too. Last year, in Wyoming, we were camping right next to an Aliner Expedition and once we saw the inside of it, well I wanted to trade my '23 for one. Then I came to my senses and know the Ranger 12 is the best fit for us. I think we sometimes get caught in the "wow...
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    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    That's the dry weight. With double propane and battery along with essentials, about 2200. 2023 Ranger 12.
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    Showing off😄 - StarCraft starflyer XL 1706

    Very nice and welcome!
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    7pin charging everything?

    Hmmm...back from several days boon docking and used our fridge and furnace on 12v while doing so. I have a group 31 battery and my fridge only runs on 12v in the 2023 Aliner Ranger 12. We used the lights and did nothing sparingly or unusual. The longest part of the trip was 4 days running on...
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    2022 aliner interior lights

    Hmmm...I like the blue light as a night light when I need to get up to use the Porta Potty. Mine is not that bright and gives just the right amount of light so I don't disturb anyone else. Works for me, I'll leave it alone.
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    Came back this week from a 2 week outing, which included Wisconsin to Wyoming, and back with my Aliner Ranger 12. Only average 17.5 MPG with my Ridgeline and would love to have gotten 20. No problem towing. Boondock for 5 nights, needing heat 4 of those nights. Aliner was comfy and the only...
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    Rethinking food options during long drive days

    We generally make a hearty breakfast and then snack through lunch, with dinner, depending on time of day, being a nice restaurant or a great dinner made at the campsite. We travel flexible, but have no kids to worry about.
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    Time for a new grill

    Yup, campfire is great way to cook, but you have to be patient and plan well. For quick meals we will pull out the Coleman grill and fire it up...not quite as good as wood fired, but excellent nonetheless. Blackstone was too heavy for us, to cart along, so we passed on it. Each to their own.
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    I've done it all and now want a simpler style. There are just two of us and many times I camp alone. After much thought, I ended up the an Aliner Ranger 12. Fits my style. I honestly did not want a big rig again. We all change and the needs of life change too. When I had my kids growing...
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    Time for a new grill

    Nice. Glad you found what you wanted. I went through the same thing a few weeks back. I have an Aliner so want to save space and ended up with the Coleman Grill with side burner. It works great and has a small foot print when in storage.
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    Best queen bed topper?

    I used it on top of the sofa bed and full sheets fit like a glove. So to answer your question, “in addition to”.
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    Best queen bed topper?

    I used the Serta 3" soothing cool model and it worked well. The bonus was it actually felt cooler than others I tried and I slept better. Most advertise cooler, but don't deliver. YMMV
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I never said it was less maintenance than a TT, if you were commenting on my post, I said it was easy to maintain and my reference was to an Aliner. Just attempting to clarify.
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I did the TT route and now back to an Aliner. Easier to tow, easy setup, easy on gas, easy to maintain, easy to park, easy to store, and with a few tweaks as comfortable, if you don't need a bathroom. Mine does have an portapotty and outside shower and I've used big deal. The big...
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    Clam Venture

    I purchased a Clam Venture and was wondering about the side panels, for wind protection. Amazon offers them in 2 or 3 panels. I am wondering which to buy? Do I need two or do I need three? What has been your experience? Any advice is welcomed.
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    Yes, pups are getting expensive. I could have bought a small TT, for what I paid, however I did not want to pull that much weight around and needed a small profile that fit in the garage. Did not want to store offsite. The small profile, of the Aliner, allows me to easily travel cross country...
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    New guy from Wisconsin

    Heard from the dealer today...camper will be produced the first week in August and I should have it by the 3rd week. Looking forward to using it. We are planning Fall trip to the Black Hills, in S.D. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
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    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    As a young man, I lived in Hancock for a few years, working for the Intermediate School District. I loved that area and return every year for a visit. Will have to check out the places to camp.
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    New guy from Wisconsin

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Much appreciated.