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    Want solar and SO confused

    I also recently bought this same solar panel / charge controller kit, as well as a set of extension cables. Tried it out this past weekend (sans extension) on the camper’s 50aH Lithium, worked great! Out of curiosity, do you have your controller permanently mounted, and if so where considering...
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    First true test of new 2318G

    Fun read. I especially like the sound of a campground at 20% capacity.
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    May 2021 - what did you do for your camper?

    Nice find, looks great! Out of curiosity, do you have a stand up shelter for outside over your sitting and eating area?
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    best bike rack mount on pop up?

    Right, I have heard that too come to think of it. The suggested clamp tightener suggested below that dual extender on the link I posted earlier is a possible fix for at least some of that. Not sure if my buddy who is loaning me the dual extender to check out has one of those too - he is...
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    Dealers are cashing in.

    Any chance there will be a glut of slightly used RV’s in the coming years such that there will be good deals to be had again? Seems like that is where this is headed.
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    best bike rack mount on pop up?

    *edit: cuts your max tongue weight limit in half
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    best bike rack mount on pop up?

    I am going to borrow and try out a dual hitch extender this weekend, with our existing bike rack, based on some suggestions from other similar posts. And when I say “try out” I want to see if the mounted bikes will in fact clear the camper and tongue jack handle on sharpest possible turns...
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    First come, first serve chances?

    We have our eyes on some FCFS options for upcoming 4th of July weekend (northern MN). During that same holiday weekend there were multiple sites available
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    Where to buy tires for my PUP

    This is all great advice and I just did the same for some tires that had decent tread left but were old, via our local GoodYear shop. replaced “specials” (trailer tires) with radials and had them repack the bearings. potential to have he shop balance the tires too, and there might be additional...
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    How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)

    I was also thinking about Airtag(s) when I made the post below about gps trackers, didnt see that part of your comment. Think a big sticker or other sign with “this camper contains a gps tracker” printed on it would be effective deterrent? I am honestly not worried too much about theft at...
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    How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)

    Anyone tried a gps tracker paired with phone or computer? Lots to choose from, easy to hide and seemingly pretty cheap and effective technology these days.
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    Bob Lake, camping seaosn opener for us.

    Sounds like a splendid weekend all around, but you had me sold with that steak.
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    What do you wish you had?

    I dunno, that all sounds pretty realistic to me, maybe even at the end of a long drive and only after finding the very last available first-come, first-served sites and all while sun is quickly setting and everyone needed dinner a couple hours ago :)
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    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    :):):):) Cheers. These pretty well sum up my life and what I hope for in my kids. “Always bring and extra pair of shoes and you can never have too many socks” is what my grandma told me about 40 years ago and that has served me well. (Still want to hear other people’s zombie apocolypse pup...
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    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    Yeah I misspoke here - that person got to s site after dark, it was raining, the lp pressure regulator leaked (not a leveling issue which which wouldnt effect cooking) and they didnt have backup stove or supplies/time to get a wet fire going). Lots of good suggestions here but I should have...
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    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    Been thinking lately about what items I should bring along “just in case.” Thinking in particular about those trips planned well in advance and far enough away where turning around or finding other accommodations would be a very last, and extremely disappointing result. Family of 4 (2 kids age 5...
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    How did I forget

    I think we can all sympathize and or laugh at ourselves (after the fact). I am reminded of the attached saying (image).
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    Canvas sag over the beds

    All great ideas and astute observations, thanks. I’ll get in for a look st shepherd’s hook and mount the next chance I get and report back. I indicated earlier that the canvas is original, and I’m fairly certain that is true. But, there are a number of other places where the fit is imperfect...
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    Hello from Lake Superior!

    Hello from SE MN. The North Shore is our family’s favorite “local” destination. Good luck on your popup search!
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    March 2021 - What did you do for your camper?

    jealous, have fun! my parents had a popup when i was little (aka 40 or so years ago) and while i remember as many driveway campouts as actual campgrounds (skunk story!), they were formidable experieneces for me for sure. beyond the fun with kids, there is also the backyard lessons to learn and...