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    First time I wished I had stayed home.

    Perfect fall camping weather here in east central IL this past weekend and I apparently was not the only one who thought so as by late evening the campground (Fox Ridge) was packed. This was not part of the reason I wished I had stayed home though. The reasons started to stack up Friday night...
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    When is the best time to buy a New Pop-Up?

    Generally speaking the best time to purchase a camper is in the fall/winter or early spring when dealers are trying to get rid of last years inventory to make room for this/next year's. RV shows can offer some decent deals, especially those held very early or late in the year, but there is no...
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    Replacement Pulleys...

    A good, real, hardware store may very well stock them. Some of them in my area stock them, some don't, and a few of the ones that don't can order them. Just need to know what size you need. Best bet is to take one of the originals with you.
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    Should I buy this for $1500?

    It is hard to tell by the photos, but that damaged corner looks like it has left the wood exposed, and assuming that this has been left that way for a while there is a real good chance that some rot has taken hold.
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    pop up mechanisms

    The Jayco system is pretty much maintence free. Just have to clean and lube the lift posts once a year. Everything else is inside the walls. The good news is that it keeps dirt and moisture out, assuming the camper is water tight, the bad news is that if something does go wrong they can be a...
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    westlake switches

    Another possibility for the switch by the door is a cargo light.
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    Coleman/Fleetwood Replacement Parts

    You can Google the fan/light combos and find several sellers. One place is etrailer. As far as your battery goes an automotive battery is not going to give you much bang for your buck. They are not designed to handle the discharges...
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    Can't sleep during rain. Advice?

    If you been married for any time at all just have your spouse talk to you. Best sleep aid in the world. [LOL] [LOL] [;)] [:D]
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    Looking at a utah

    Here are some numbers for you. MSRP Base New: $15,900 Used base avg retail: $12,600 Used avg retail for model with AC, fridge, outside shower, toilet/shower combo: $15,025. Add an awning, furnace, and an AM./FM/CD radio and you jump to $15,800. So it looks like even at $14,995 for a used...
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    Check the drains when in doubt

    Those little foam donut gaskets on the swing over galleys are also a common "trouble" spot as they like to slip and block up the drain from time to time. I kind of had to laugh about this though. I went through the same thing, though with drier results on my Jayco. The first time was because...
  11. J

    Bunk weight limits

    The double support pole models are usually good for at least 1,000 pounds. The 4 support pole slides are usually good for 1500+ lbs. I have had over 700 lbs on both a 4 pole king bed end and a 2 pole full bed end and barely a creak from anything.
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    Bal Leveler ruined tire

    The thing with tires is just because they are new doesn't mean they are new. Tires can sit for a long time on a rack before being sold. When you have tires put on, be it car/truck, trailer, lawn mower, etc, it is a good idea to check the date code stamped on them to see how old they really are.
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    How far to travel???

    For an entire weekend I agree with most, 2-3 hours away at most. How far away though would also depend on when I could leave out. If I can be out fairly early and be at the CG by 5 or 6 pm then yeah I would go 2-3 hours away, but if I couldn't be there at least an hour before sunset then I would...
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    Trim Line by A&E

    From what I have been able to determine you are facing 2 problems. The first is that A&E seems to no longer make a 13 foot awning. 12 foot is as large as they go anymore. The second is that awning manufacturers have gotten away from using the zipper attachments and went to using velcro. I...
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    Trim Line by A&E

    The "add-a-room" has "canvas" coverings for the screens, where as the screen room is screens only.
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    Do I need shot records

    As many others have said, to be on the safe side, take along a copy of your pet's records. Even if not asked for them by state or CG officials they can be useful if you have an emergency situation where you have to take your pet to a vet.
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    Newbie leak trouble

    If it is at the seams only then clean off the loose stuff as best you can and then apply some seam sealer to the seams. If you can't find any locally it is available online all over the place. If you start having trouble with the actual "canvas" leaking depending on the extact type it is it...
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    Propane not working

    There are several possibilities. Safety valve on tank tripped due opening too fast. Bad regulator. System hasn't been used in a long time and is full of air. Extra valve(s) in the system that are shut. Try this first. Check for any inline valves for the propane system. There will be one...
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    water wicking through canvas walls

    Why not go online and buy some 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. Just Google it and you will find all sorts of online stores. You can also order it through Amazon.
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    I am noticing a trend in TV's, and it is scary!

    The trend I notice happening more and more every year are people who are towing something and driving like they are not and are in a high performance sports car. It is quite unsettling to have someone blast past you doing 80 mph pulling a bumper hitch trailer.