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    Decorating the door?

    I wallpapered the lower portion with a vinyl paper that I had. My door was also bumpy but this has held up well. Love the painted door, may have to think on that.
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    Kansas 2nd annual popup rally

    We will try to make it to Bucksaw. i am waiting to see when my brother might be visiting my parents, hopefully, I will know more later this week. Maggie
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    Alienating Friends....

    I am not sure how you worded it that the camper will be full. Did you explain what you told us about the weather and wanting the kids inside? Did you offer them the use of a tent to use with their family until they get one of their own? I would call and explain that you didn't want to offend...
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    Want Laminate flooring for popup...any suggestions?

    No, I didn't remove the cabinets. I just used the moulding to cover any gaps. It was quick and easy.
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    Want Laminate flooring for popup...any suggestions?

    I used vinyl plank from Home Depot. It sticks together but floats on the floor. Very easy to install and looks great. The brand is Allure.
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    The devastating aftermath of trailer park bird flu.

    The flu or just too much partying?
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    Glampers Gonna Glamp!

    Love the fabrics, especially the curtains. It looks great.
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    Taking the PUP back in time!

    Can't wait to see the finished project. Love the fabrics.
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    Tacky Lights Thread (Post your tacky light photos here)

    This shows our tacky hula hoop chandelier and our bucket light. Just need to figure out how to get the hula hoop to hang evenly. It puts out a lot of light.
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    Our camper is modernized!

    Wow, what a difference. I am very impressed with the countertops. Spray paint and poly--it looks great.
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    Kansas City

    Welcome. We are also from the KC area. Lots of great info here. Post pictures--we love seeing what everyone has done to their campers.
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    Hopefully set up gets easier with time.

    My husband lifts the bunk and I go under it and put the supports on. I can do the full size end by myself but the king is a bear.
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    Son really dislikes camping

    One of the hardest things to deal with is a negative attitude and complaining. My son had to earn his electronics time with a positive attitude and no complaining--about not having electronics time, or complaining there is nothing to do. He can earn "electronics minutes" for having a...
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    Thinking of selling ; (

    A lot of women are getting into camping--glamping. You don't have to have a vintage camper just a love of camping. Do a search to see if there is a group of women in your area. There is a Facebook page called Glampers on the Loose.
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    Ideas for mounting new interior curtains

    I glued the c clips onto my curtains with a product called Liquid Stitch found at the fabric store. It has held up well. tjmama--are you talking about the privacy curtains across the end bunks? I finally found something that works. I bought a heavy curtain rod from Ikea for $3. My husband...
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    Bag for Bal leveler

    Mine was free. Sewed up the sides of an old rug and added a handle and Velcro. I did use heavy duty thread. I do like how the pizza bag opens completely up but we will see how this works. .
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    Mystery pole!

    Is it a middle support pole for your awning?
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    What are your camping plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

    We went to Watkins Mill State Park north of Kansas City. We were able to leave about 2 on Friday so made it out of town before rush hour. It rained ALL day Sunday but we had enough room under shelter, with the awning and canopy. We are debating getting a couple more mats from Lowes as it was...
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    Glampin' Campin'

    There are a few more pictures. Sometimes, I can get to,the album and so,etimes I just get one. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Here are a few more.
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    Glampin' Campin'

    We recently attended a Glamping weekend with our pop-up camper. Thought I would share some of our pictures. We had a great time seeing all the vintage canned hams but really like the size of PUP. Here a link to the rest of the pictures...

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