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    Differences in Lithium Batteries

    We have Renogy and it works amazing. They do have some great sales on Renogy batteries direct from Renogy. And 100 ah is.what we use.
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    New Awning Recomendations

    If you can find a Old Coleman dealer they may still have new stock left. They made the best awnings. Strong and heavy duty.
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    Does the tow vehicle cut it?

    Remember this just because the tow vehicle manufacture says you can tow 5600 lbs does not mean you should. The rule of thumb is 80% of gross towing weight of T.V. which means you need a bigger vehicle. We up graded to a Nissan Armada which carries 7 people and tows 8500 lbs. I would recommend...
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    Best Generator for Pop up.

    We are using a EU3000is Honda Generator and its quiet and runs everything we need
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    Purchase 2018 Clipper Model 806X LS from parents

    $5k is a good price and with insurance dont go cheap ask what is covered for damage, and theft. There are many things involved in insureing trailers. I pay over $300.00 a year here in Ontario Canada. And the coveres pretty much everything. And i did my research making sure i got everything covered.
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    NOT Attempted propane tank theft (updated title)

    So far so good with everywhere we were camping. But our tanks have tank collars that holds the tanks around the middle of the bottle. And has a strap to keep it in place also. But i am considering a python cable lock.
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    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    When we had our 2001 Coleman Sedona. Before I started cranking up the roof I opened the zippers and put the awning on the roof cranked it up halfway and set it up. Then when roof was all the way up I tied down both corners to heavy pegs and never had a problem with the wind blowing the awning up...
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    Just leave it for a couple of weeks and then go back to your repairs. You know this trailer and what it needs order a new cable and put it in.
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    October 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Last trip of the season done. Flushed the black and grey tanks at the camp ground. Sunday this week winterizing the water lines and putting the wheel locks on. And bounce sheets in all the right places to keep the mice out. And next week to the dealer ship for annual roof inspection to keep...
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    Which canvas replacement company would everyone recommend ?

    We used Bear Creek. They had ours in stock and shipped it directly to my pick up point in the USA for free. And I picked it up and brought it home in Canada. Great service and if I had any questions during the install they were more then happy to answer them.
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    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    Then you have been lucky.
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    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    Sorry but it separates from the real gas and causes more fuel problems. It is also a attraction to water. Take a look sometime at that gas can in your shop that very rarely get used. Pour it into a clean Paul and see how bad it has separated and how much water is in it. I have been repairing...
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    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    I use premium all the time. I get better gas mileage and not power. All those people that say just run regular or you will damage your engine are wrong. How would running a cleaner gas damage your engine. Also I have done alot of research on this topic and have found out that the added ethonal...
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    This isn't a restore, but I didn't know where to put it...

    There are many things to think about when doing something like this Reno. First weight the suspension: are the springs strong enough to handle the added weight and the tires are set up for the Gross weight of the popuo not added walls. How about the frame it is designed to be a popup and not...
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    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    I started towing with premium a few years ago and on a regular basis. I noticed that I get a increased mileage in both towing and regular daily travel. Also long trips I noticed a greater increase mileage on the highway trips. Also if you use regular gas you get 1 liter of ethanol to every 10...
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    Refrigerator Hack

    That's a great idea. Over the years I have installed computer fans on my top vents to draw air to keep the fridge cooler when camping. It has worked amazing getting air flow through and around the back is the best way to keeping the fridge working properly and opening that vent looks like...
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    2008 Fleetwood Evolution 3 Sagging Ceiling & Needing Braces

    Hi there, I'm thinking you have a roof leak. That style of roof is foam sandwiched between the aluminum. First thing I would do is check for a roof leak along the seals. And then soon if the ceiling is full of water. By pushing up on the ceiling.
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    Frame flex

    We had 4 stabilizer jacks on all my popups. I even installed new stronger ones on my last popup.
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    Goodbye to Walmart camping?

    I'm still trying to figure out that it's Walmart's fault . Did Walmart start the fire? So many questions should be asked before layers should be aloud to waste time in the courts. Really the only people that win in this kind of case is the lawyers.
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    First and Maybe Last PUP Trip

    Here is the beast and the new Tow vehicle.

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