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  1. Karey

    Chalet appears to be out of business

    We have a 2019 XL Chalet and love it. I did try ordering a part on their website not too long ago, a "pre-programmed" email response of not charging till part could be sent. But heard nothing more for several months. And no one responds to emails nor phone calls. If they ever do get caught up...
  2. Karey

    Maintaining batteries without removable caps

    Thanks so much for the added detail along with the safety needed. I kinda knew this stuff, having watched videos and reading. But I forgot to add any safety suggestions. Thanks again for the reminder. I researched lithium batteries. We live at 8,000 ft in Colorado and they didn't seem suited to...
  3. Karey

    Maintaining batteries without removable caps

    I have flat tops that span 3 holes. I don't know much about it. I pry up the caps and look, but I don't really know what I'm looking for. It always seems I'm seeing the liquid level not too far down, but typically top them off with distilled water. I'm not sure where the maximum level is. I'm...
  4. Karey

    Why an A frame

    We bought a used newer Chalet Aframe and love it! One end has bunk beds. My husband, 6'3" can stretch out on the top bunk, and I sleep on the bottom. We then can leave the dinette in place, tho the back of the dinette I put wall-to-wall shoe shelves in place for clothes and stuff, with a stretch...
  5. Karey

    June 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Our Chalet Aframe roof lift stopped working a year ago May after a horrendous weekend of high winds and trying to camp in many places and fish (trying to find a not so windy area). We figured out how to manually lift all last summer, tho a hassle. Our son recently disconnected the lift to do...
  6. Karey

    This is disturbing but should come as no surprise

    In Colorado now EVERY store charges $.10 for every plastic bag! And I mean every store! I got used to taking my own bags into the grocery store but not EVERY store. Now I bought (from Amazon) many of those bags you can roll up, and they really do hold a lot, and weight. I can keep several in my...
  7. Karey

    Possible UT Rally

    We've been in most Utah state parks, but not Goblin. Utah is so unique. When I saw "Green River" at first, I was excited for what I think of Green River up north, just south of the Wyoming line. But Goblin is way down into the barren lands! If no one's seen Utah, you really should spend a long...
  8. Karey

    Any interest in a Colorado Rally?

    If someone starts a new thread. Post here about that thread so we can follow it.
  9. Karey

    I finally got solar

    We have the same suitcase, with extender cables, and alligator clips, AND the SAE adapter for a Zamp plug on our A-frame. It tops our batteries off quickly! Feel so much better about everything now. We mostly boondock for days.
  10. Karey

    One of life's mysteries explained

    For the two of us we're in the Monkey Barking stages. Loving it!
  11. Karey

    Any interest in a Colorado Rally?

    We used to always camp at the Bowhunters Jamboree every year near Leadville the 3rd weekend in July. Always a boondocking situation. Originally near Camp Hail, then they moved it outside Leadville by Turquoise Lake. I just looked and they've moved south of Leadville on a Eureka Ranch. We've...
  12. Karey

    Most affordable way to add power

    I guess I'll chime in as well. So far we've never had shore power unless in someone's yard. We primarily boondock. Quite a few low temp nights in a row and wanting just a bit of heat blast in the morning really drains a battery. After several long camping trips we got an extra 24 battery (can...
  13. Karey

    What State? When is your first 2023 trip? What will be the predicted weather?

    I live at same altitude as south of Salida, so know the tricky weather of Colorado foothills/ mountains. The calm before the storms can be shirt sleeve weather in the upper 60's and then freezing snow storms. Spring is usually when the Colorado mountains get all the moisture that supplies 4 of...
  14. Karey

    Raise The Roof

    My husband had bladder surgery 2 years ago. Total new bladder created from part of his intestine. It's the cadillac surgery. It's why we wanted a camper with a bathroom. All's going well. He walks daily alternating with climbing the mountain behind us. When we bought our Chalet last year...
  15. Karey

    Should a 1999 Coleman Santee have vertical roof safety supports?

    We rented a popup for awhile and once were at Colorado's Sand Dunes and there was extreme wind one night. Thought for sure the camper would cave in. It didn't, but could see the possibility. You'll get a feel for your popup and your places you camp. Reading this forum is great for learning so...
  16. Karey

    How do you shake it down?

    Our first time out was 1 1/2 hours away in our son's backyard! Could plug in, but used the trailer water, and propane, and we have our own bathroom. Enjoyed it, so have done it several times. Actually better than sleeping in other's homes. Never have camped with hookups. Would like to try it...
  17. Karey

    Considering Switching to A-Frame

    I had same thoughts on the single pole. Our table like yours is so heavy and bigger than we wanted so I ordered more legs just like it and we made a smaller table for the trailer. Those legs are very sturdy! Econ Chalet is trying to regroup is what I've heard. A Facebook group person has talked...
  18. Karey

    Any interest in a Colorado Rally?

    We live in Jefferson county and would be interested in a Rally. We've boondocked near Marble, and southwest of Buena. But this year because our sons are in the north and I70 is such a pain we've been boondocking around Waldon.
  19. Karey

    Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station - First Impressions

    I shied away from lithium batteries because we live in the mountains of Colorado. I'd read they are only for warmer climates. I do bring our Jackery inside all the time when not camping. We often need it inside- like last night, again, the power went out. I have a lamp that the Jackery can...
  20. Karey

    What spices do you carry for healthier cooking?

    I saw someone online emptying a bunch if tic-tac containers and putting their spices/herbs in them. I was going to do that, but haven't. I've narrowed down to S&P, Garlic and Onion powders, and Schultz Original Seasoning and Rub. When I create a menu, then I'd bring what's needed. This year...

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