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  1. James Rucker

    Customizable Camping checklist

    I guess you do have lists!!
  2. James Rucker

    New canvas..still leaked

    Why wouldn't you want to touch the canvas? Does it break the surface tension or something like that?
  3. James Rucker

    Thermostat wiring size difference

    In our case the previous owner mentioned that the thermostat was glitchy so I just figured to fix it before it's needed. I just wanted a simple digital thermostat, but in retrospect I'd buy one that was backlit and I could also load batteries from the front without having to remove the whole...
  4. James Rucker

    Half trailer

    Has anybody camped with only one side of their pop-up extended? Seems I've seen it mentioned but I can't seem to find anything on it or more likely not wording my search right. Pure curiosity so no sweat, thanks.
  5. James Rucker

    Thermostat wiring size difference

    Easier yet. I guess I've just made a lifetime practice of complicating things in my head
  6. James Rucker

    Thermostat wiring size difference

    Basically a reduction in wire size won't matter, that's all I need to know to act. Again, I know trees not electrical. Thanks for the replies folks.
  7. James Rucker

    Thermostat wiring size difference

    Good deal, was my thought as well. Was asking because I know most times wiring diameter serves a purpose like limiting current so wasn't sure. I know trees not wiring, so better to ask than booger something else up. Thanks Raycfe ✌
  8. James Rucker

    Thermostat wiring size difference

    Howdy gang, I'm replacing the old two wire thermostat in our evolution e3 with a simple Honeywell pro 1000 thermostat. My silly question is what has anyone done about the wiring size difference? I've been thinking about soldering smaller diameter wire onto the heavier original wires then...
  9. James Rucker

    Backing up a camper

    I've been pulling splitters, stump machines and trailers for decades and one learns how to back up, hook up and haul solo. The best thing I ever learned is to just go slow and make small corrections. Tis' true that the smaller the tow, the harder it is to back up. Much more difficult when you...
  10. James Rucker

    Microwave or toaster oven?

    Looks nice and homey.
  11. James Rucker

    Hello! New to the Forum

    Howdy from NorCal! My wife and I are new pop-up owners ourselves so the adventure is just beginning for us as well.✌
  12. James Rucker

    3M 5200

    Thank you for the link, it changed my mind(again). If left to my own devices I'd probably just Dicor it and call it a day, but would like the holding power of one of these type of products. But I'll likely end up with the 4000uv. Looks to be a good compromise. May still Dicor over the trim edges...
  13. James Rucker

    3M 5200

    Lol, isn't that the truth of it. But am now thinking of using their 4200. Choices indeed.
  14. James Rucker

    3M 5200

    If comparable, the 4200 sounds better if A: it's more flexible B: there's a hope it'll come off if I find I need to do something different. Thank you.
  15. James Rucker

    3M 5200

    I was kind of thinking the same.
  16. James Rucker

    Additional Lights

    Ok, my mistake. I'd better look twice, post once huh.?. LOL.
  17. James Rucker

    Additional Lights

    Isn't that your smoke alarm?
  18. James Rucker

    3M 5200

    Has anyone used 3M 5200 on their roof seam? I've had more than a few folks tell me that's the better option instead of say, Dicor or Eternabond. Supposed to be waterproof, eternal and much cleaner and more professional looking. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This is my second (and last...
  19. James Rucker

    Why the Covid Restrictions is a crock

    Hot topic. I'm going back to dreaming about camping.

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