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  1. cowboiler

    Western OK next spring...

    We're planning a trip to the Wichita Mountains in SW Oklahoma in November. Any recommendations on thing to do? Obviously, we will do a lot of hiking. Any must sees?
  2. cowboiler

    Hello from IN, OH & KY

    Craig, We're from Oklahoma and our family is planning a camping trip down to the Wichita Mountains during Thanksgiving week. We already booked a campground, but do you have any must dos or suggestions from your trip down there? It will be our first camping experience in southwest Oklahoma. We're...
  3. cowboiler

    OK - Lake Murray

    We camped at Lake Murray back in August. It was during the 100 degree plus heat wave Oklahoma and Texas has been having. There were so many great things about the lake. It's very clear, has a nice swim beach and the camping spots were very nice. We stayed at the Buzzards Roost camp ground. It...
  4. cowboiler

    OK - Foss Lake State Park, Foss, OK

    Over the 4th of July holiday we stayed three nights at Foss Lake State Park near Foss, Oklahoma. The lake is very clear for an Oklahoma lake. The water was cool and refreshing. We camped in the Cottonwood campground which had pull-through sites and full hookups. The sites were a bit narrow, but...
  5. cowboiler

    Bought an Ecoflow Wave 2 (AC/heating system)

    I just started seeing them be advertised. We have an EcoFlow battery pack and it's great! I'm interested to see how the portable AC is. You'll have to post more once you try it out.
  6. cowboiler

    Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

    We are looking at staying at this state park on our way back from a beach trip next month. We want to camp in Tennessee, and this one and T.O. Fuller are the closest ones to our route. I'm opting for this one since it's a little further away from Memphis. Any recommendations between the two?
  7. cowboiler

    Best queen bed topper?

    We replaced our factory mattresses with Linenspa 5-inch mattresses we found on Amazon. They are thin enough to fit in our PUP just fine. We lucked out and found the sizes we need, but I would measure your mattress and check the dimensions first. I know an RV queen is sometimes different...
  8. cowboiler

    Robbers' Cave State Park

    We camped at Robber’s Cave over Labor Day weekend and had an amazing time. Because we booked late the only loop with spots left that had electric and water hookups was the Equestrian Campground. It had a large pavilion area for rent and most camp spots included small corrals for people to keep...
  9. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    ??? [?:~{]
  10. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    I would like to see how a wrap turned out if anyone has tried it. Ours is that pebble surface, so I'm not sure how it would go. Our cut vinyl decal looks good on the pebble surface so it might work!
  11. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    I did find a place that sells the shiny .040 aluminum nearby (about 1.5 hours away). I was surprised it's only $130 for a 4'x10' sheet. I'm sure shipping would be expensive, but I didn't think the price of aluminum was bad.
  12. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    We have contemplated that, too. You will have to post a picture when you're finished. I would love to do a different color on ours, but our vinyl is blue and white so I still want it to match when it's popped up.
  13. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    I just pop the bulbs out and stack the cups. It's a good task for the kids when we set up and take down. Lol.
  14. cowboiler

    Oklahoma State Parks improvements

    Since our pop-up doesn't have a bathroom or shower, we try to stay at parks with nicer restroom facilities. I have to brag on our state because they are making the investment on some really nice facilities. Here are some photos of the new air conditioned/heated restrooms that Oklahoma State...
  15. cowboiler

    Eight weeks on the road

    That makes so much more sense! I was racking my brain as to where you stored those. What a cool idea by Parks Canada. Thanks for sharing!
  16. cowboiler

    Eight weeks on the road

    Do these Adirondack chairs fold up? I’ve noticed them in several of your photos.
  17. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    There is a restaurant/bar in our college town called Eskimo Joes and the students always did the lights on their patios with the extra Joes cups . We thought they were perfect for camping, too. Lol.
  18. cowboiler

    Re-skinning a pop-up

    I was at a hot air balloon festival last weekend and I saw these small travel trailers. I loved the shiny aluminum skins and it got me wondering if anyone has ever tried to re-skin their popup with this material? The spec sheet for the camper says it .040 aluminum. There are no screws, so...
  19. cowboiler

    Hello from Oklahoma City, OK

    Nice rig! We're from Oklahoma, too. Welcome to the portal.
  20. cowboiler

    Where would you spend your money?!?

    I have a stock Dometic 13,500 BTU AC in my popup, and it will cool it down 20 degrees in 30 minutes. It will get cold enough to make condensation on the canvas at night. We always run our on full blast because when camping, we're paying for electricity whether we use it or not, lol. So, yes...