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  1. catseye

    Hinges for exterior 1/2 door

    I am in need of the hinges for the exterior door that is removed when setting up the full screen door. It's for a Rockwood Highwall 276, but I don't see why any hinge for any brand won't work. I called Rockwood, and they said that their supplier went out of business. HELP! Thanks in advance...
  2. catseye

    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    so glad it turned out well. I was thinking about you guys the whole weekend. PICS, PLEASE!!
  3. catseye

    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    We have found ourselves facing a illness in our family that will prevent us from attending the rally. I am so crushed..I was really looking forward to this. That leaves us unable to supply drinks. I'm so sorry to have to do this, and I waited as long as I could, trying to work this out, but it...
  4. catseye

    My 1996 Rockwood signature roof rebuild

    just an FYI, We ordered the roof sides from Rockwood our 2008 Premier for VERY cheap, and it produced a perfect repair.
  5. catseye

    Roof Repair Help on 2000 Rockwood Premier

    We had the same issue on our Premier caused by the lift bolts leaking and soaking through the wood. We purchased the sides from Forest River for very cheap and the repair is perfect.
  6. catseye

    What is your portal number??

    62878.... I feel like such a nooB........ [:(]
  7. catseye

    Rockwood AFrame Owners Here

    wow, these sure aren't your fathers A-liners!! awesome!!
  8. catseye

    Towing isn't much fun

    I found there are a whole lot of advantages to slowng down. The vehicle is more stable, which reduces the white-knuckle, better MPG, more relaxing, and you can get in the right lane and use the cruise control.....
  9. catseye

    A few questions for HighWall owners from a short person

    Although I am 5'10, I've owned both standard and HW models, and the storage roominess, larger and more appliances are wonderful, and with a kitchen stepladder, all setup and usage should be a breeze. I've seen folks use a push broom to tuck the canvas in. Once you learn a few tricks, you should...
  10. catseye

    Raccoon Entertainment

    lol! Enjoyed your recount of the evening entertainment.... [LOL]
  11. catseye

    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    I am a photographer - - I shoot virtual tours for, among other clients, campgrounds: DW is retired - Environmental Specialist with the US EPA.
  12. catseye

    System to hold top of door to the roof

    I always have issues with the door. Both snapping and unsnapping from the roof, and getting the door to align when fitted. I spend more time and energy with that **** door than anything else in setup.
  13. catseye

    i love my popup because.....

    it's big and roomy, yet stores in my garage and doesn't kill my MPG too badly...
  14. catseye

    Pop Up vs Hybrid

    We bought a HW pup to ease into the TT "hobby" with plans to upgrade in a few years. Biggest reason for the pup is free storage in our garage and ease of towing and related gas savings. Biggest reason tom me for upgrading is if we want to go cross country and only spend a night or 2 in one spot...
  15. catseye

    Greetings from NC

    welcome from RALEIGHWOOD!!!
  16. catseye

    Backing it into the driveway?

    I don't usually exercise such restraint, but I think I did an admirable job of not being specific in my partisanship....but then again, the description fits so many of them, I don't have to be specific.
  17. catseye

    Backing it into the driveway?

    They provide an understanding of how certain presidential candidates can gain supporters if nothing else....