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    Travelling long distances with camper?

    We often use a Walmart or Cracker Barrel for a quick overnight on long 2-3 day drives and it works fine for us with our hybrid. Turtled we've never felt un-safe and there are usually several other rigs next to us. I get my best driving in (night owl) after the kids go to sleep in the car with...
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    Parking Lot Camping

    We do a weeklong trip every year that usually requires driving nearly 1k miles to get there. The first day we'll leave mid afternoon and, as it's easiest to drive later at night with kids, we'll go until 1 am to get some miles in and lessen the next day's drive. No way am I pulling into a CG...
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    posting pictures

    I'd like to start posting pics straight from my smart phone (iphone) but they are too large. Anyone know an easy way to edit the photos and still upload directly from a phone? My photobucket account seems to have died and it's a pain anyways to use that and then bring it onto the forum.
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    Tell Me What You Love About Your HTT!

    I love how quickly we can set up and tear down camp now, plus being able to eat our on the road lunches in the camper.
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    Gone grey with a Jayco 19xud

    We find the fridge has plenty of space for the 4 of us and haven’t missed the oven yet. We do use a dutch oven though. Last summer we drove out to Sleeping Bear Dunes in MI and brought my mother. It was a little tight with 5, especially when turtling in parking lots but we managed. The Pilot...
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    Installing a new roof vent or skylight

    Any inside pics yet? I'd love to do this mod.
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    Well the Defender does a great job keeping it dry under the mattress but it made it much worse above as the canvas was dripping and had water drops everywhere during our trip to the UP last week. This was with the flaps down a few inches and the vent cracked. I never had this problem on any of...
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    DO Foil Liners

    Does anyone know where I can find a liner for my 16" 12 quart DO?
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    We just bought a new (Jayco 19xud) hybrid last year and noticed a lot of moisture under the mattress pads every night. We're going to buy these as they've been spoken highly of and should do the job...
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    Kayak hauling?

    In my experience the kayaks are aerodynamic enough that they don't really affect my gas mileage, unlike my bikes on top of the car.
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    Adding a spigot

    It's a Cabella's Deluxe camp kitchen I picked up on CL for 1/2 price, then I removed the counter on one side as it was just too big and heavy. I then removed the vinyl sink that came with it (too big, a pain to clean out and remove the counter) and cut out a hole in the counter for a drop in...
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    Adding a spigot

    On my Utah I just added a tee off the hot and cold water lines under the camper. For our hybrid I did the same but the lines were inside so I had to drill through the floor. I then added shutoff valves and adaptors to get the 1/2" PEX to a garden hose hook up where I could add hose quick...
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    Adding a spigot

    Adding outdoor water hookups has been the first mod on our last couple of campers. Here it is on our hybrid. We ALWAYS cook outdoors and even hand washing is very handy to with the outdoor kitchen. Love the outdoor spigots! Here they are on our Utah before some improvements to stop the...
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    Show Off Your Hybrid

    Wow, that's quite the project and most impressive!!
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    New Rockwood sideboards installed

    Still, $200 for a pair of sideboards isn't bad. Too make them you need a sheet of plywood, contact cement, vinyl flashing, dowels, wood glue. It all adds up plus the time is still considerable in measuring and then building them. The factory ones also have the interior decorative paper on...
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    Gone grey with a Jayco 19xud

    I bought the Fastway 600/6000 lb WDH on Amazon: I should double check the installation as I don't believe they measured any of the TV heights before and after loading. Yup, the engine certainly revs high in 2nd...
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    Gone grey with a Jayco 19xud

    Sorry about the pics, not sure how to edit a post.
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    Gone grey with a Jayco 19xud

    After a year plus of looking we finally pulled the trigger on a hybrid. We really wanted something our Pilot could pull and this fits the bill so far after a 400 mile trip from the dealer and a 300 mile RT maiden voyage into the white mountains. I feel comfortable keeping it at 60-65 and can...
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    Let's see a picture of your rig on the road!

    On our way to Hermit Island ME