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    F.River Viking 2014

    Those manuals are pretty generic. So if you found one online from a similar year and a similar Forest River model you should be good.
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    Help needed badly

    Were you able to get a visual inspection of the winch while you are cranking down? I know some have a cover over then so you may need to take that off. Inspecting it while you or someone else cranks it might give you an idea of what is or isn't happening.
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    Cost difference model on lot

    Well, it wouldn't hurt to try to get the "newer" one for the same price. Worse they can do is say no. I know in my area prices are slowly coming down and it seems like business is slowing down a bit too. So they might be happy to let the newer one go for a cheaper price just to get it off the...
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    Help needed badly

    When you are cranking down does the cable go slack at all? You said it's a Goshen so I'm assuming the winch is up front mounted on the tongue and the cable is visible between the winch and the body of the camper.
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    Show me your Griddle Cookin'!

    The Pit Boss griddles with the ceramic surface have lids too. I know Walmart sells one model in store, the Seria.
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    How much to ask?

    I see what you did there
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    Ozark trail double wide shower tent

    Why buy one when you can have 2 at twice the price?
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    Cranking camper down

    Based on your description and the other person stating it is a Goshen system.... My first thought is the winch needs to be replaced. That's the only thing I can think of that would make cranking it down difficult. Also you mentioned that it started going down on its own for a bit. The winches...
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    Hopkins Smart level

    Since you are talking about side to side leveling, have you considered the BAL light trailer tire leveler?
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    Dump station etiquette

    So I think the take aways from this thread are: Pulling forward really isn't a great option and we should never expect the people in front of us to do so. If a line is forming behind you, do the bare minimum to get everything dumped and cleaned up. Never waste time at the dump station. Do...
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    Dump station etiquette

    The people who take 5+ minutes to put a hose away aren't the same people who will pull forward. Just something we need to accept. If I'm at a place that has potable water and I'm filling up my tank, I don't pull forward when I'm done just to roll my hose back up to maybe save the person behind...
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    Dump station etiquette

    Not many of the dump stations around me give me the ability to pull forward 30-40 feet (and not be in the way of something or someone else) in order for the person behind me to pull up their trailer next to the dump. Also just curious, what would everyone consider a reasonable amount of time...
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    Dometic Fridge 2193 on Propane

    Mine will rarely ignite with the push button ignitor while camping in elevation. Works just fine at home. So I pretty much always use a lighter to get mine going. And that "woof" sound happens every time.
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    Battery Wire Gauge

    My mistake, mine does have a fuse mounted on the inside of the frame out of site.
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    Battery Wire Gauge

    Good to know. Interesting that my 2017 Rockwood doesn't have one (that I've noticed). Maybe it's not standard practice with some manufacturers. Edit: mine does have a fuse mounted inside of the frame, under the body of the camper.
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    Cheap but effective

    That's all you need if you are just tending the battery and there's no other draw on it.
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    Also... Did you already try to remove that metal rail from the bed? In your first pic it almost looks like there are screws removed. If you can remove it, do that and see if it gives you enough clearence. If so, then you could then figure out a way to either flip that piece or do some other...
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    Did you ever get ahold of the previous owner? Something isn't right with this. From your first picture it looks like there is maybe 1/4" space between the bed and the surface of the cabinet. That's not enough space for even the smallest of hoses. Like a previous poster said, could be some...
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    June 2022 - what did you do for your camper this month?

    Well, according to Renogy, their panels don't require the air gap. I think for most pop up owners it's not that big of a concern since we aren't living in them full time or taking them out for weeks at a time, with some exceptions. My only issue with roof mounted panels is you can't move them...
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    June 2022 - what did you do for your camper this month?

    Looks good. I thought about putting 1 or 2 of those flex panels on my roof. But I've been doing some research and read/seen that the panels should have a small air gap under them for cooling and other purposes. Did you consider that? Maybe it's not that big of a deal.