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    The Music Game

    Fly me to the moon. Frank Sinatra (blue eyes)
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    2016 4th Annual Illinois Spring Rally

    Lol incase you missed my.other post we will need wood. Fyi we cook on the fire so we will need enough for 4 days. [8D]
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    New from Illinois :)

    If you have Facebook we also have a group on there called illinois popup. Please come join us for our spring rally May 20-22. Last year was our first year and we are so glad we went. Wonderful people and the children have a blast. Mine are girl 9 boy 4. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    Helpppp We have a 2014 Palomino 12DD with AC we think was put in wrong place

    Hello I'm not sure where to put this, but we have 2014 Palomino 12DD that the dealership is saying has the ac in the right place. We know that it is wrong and we want it fixed. They want us to send pictures of other12dd with ac showing that it is wrong. If you have one and an ac unit on it...
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    3rd Annual Illinois Fall Rally October 9-11 2015 - Morraine View State Park

    I can stop at dollar tree and get table clothes on way out of town. How many do you want and color. Lol
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    1970, Does anyone know what brand?

    Looks just like the starcraft I grew up in. If you had picture of inside it would help more.
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    3rd Annual Illinois Fall Rally October 9-11 2015 - Morraine View State Park

    Thanks Mike I have site 22. And we are all one big happy family. Lol. Praying for no rain this time or snow. Want to get out and meet people from the group. The ones we did meet were awesome. Hoping pandacamper come I have a gift for them. They saved our family from being ice cubes on...
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    3rd Annual Illinois Fall Rally October 9-11 2015 - Morraine View State Park

    Okay there are 6 of us again but the max on site is 4 do we really need to book two sites?
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    Hello from St. Louis, Missouri

    If you are free may 29-31 there is a rally up by champaign. We also have a 3 year old son. If you can make it that weekend there are a bunch of us going. Look for 3rd illinois rally for info.
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    Totally new! Hi

    Welcome from Western Illinois.
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    3rd annual Illinois fall Rally - Potential Dates?

    We would be interested. Our family lives in Leroy.
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    my first pop up

    Welcome from Illinois and congratulation!
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    PUP Newbie

    Welcome from Illinois just bought one ourselves.
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    I wonder if Hal helped you. I called down there on the camper you bought. He was awesome. Enjoy your camper. We bought ours at vacation land rv. Just got our call tonight that it is ready for pickup. Just hoping Sean can get this hitch thing figured out before we get there. Christina
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    Owners manual suggests using a WDH with heavier tongue weight. Everything I've read about WDH's says that can't be used on class 2 hitches but not why. Nothing I can find says anything about a 2" class 2. I may not need one anyway, just trying to determine what I can/should use to tow safely...
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    Too many replies to quote, but thank you all for the help. I will try to get confirmation with the vin at the dealer. Campermike: took them a about a week to find our gc, far enough away they had to trailer it back. Brake controller will be installed it before I turn a wheel with it hitched...
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    Okay since Sean is on a train working I figured I would take a picture of the hitch. So if anyone laughs just know this is the smart guys wife. I am not sure these will help. Christina
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    By any chance did you buy your in Missouri?
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    seam sealer

    What year is your pup?
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    dodge grand caravan hitch confusion

    This is our ntu 2014 palomino 12dd. It was used once by a family that didn't like pup camping after they bought it. I hope I posted the picture right. Christina

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