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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    Mamabean5 I like your Silver Buffalo. You should make it to the Apache round up next August 2013. It would be nice to see your camper in person. Check out the apache group on facebook for details.
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    How ugly was your camper? Show me your re-decorated campers!

    Here's the after for the lamp I took an utility lamp and removed the clamp and the aluminum shield. Which left me with a switchable socket and a 6' corded plug. You can buy them already like this but they're more expensive. Anyway, I slid on the lamp shade and added an LED lightbulb. The...
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    Why is this SO hard?

    Sounds like you're heading down the right path. find your issues and use this site to find easier solutions. I'm new to camping and researched over the winter for ways to make this easier. I needed to find an easier method for clothes storage and found it here. Needed easy simple meals with...
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    How ugly was your camper? Show me your re-decorated campers!

    o.k. here is my after. I tried to keep the flavor of the 70's but with new fabric
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    Pics of my Reflectix Cooler Cover

    Did you make a bottom for inside your cooler? I heard someone compared using reflectix on the ground with the cooler on top vs. nothing on the bottom and there was a significant difference. So there's another place to use some.
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    Sick of burgers..

    Oh that's another easy good one. :)
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    skewers & kebabs - share your favs!!

    Why not a fruit kabob to go along with the meal. Some people even grill the fruit too.
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    Sick of burgers..

    Our new favorite is walking tacos. I make the taco meat ahead of time and freeze it. Warm up the meat at the campsite, we take individual bags of nacho flavored Doritos and crush them. Layer with taco meat and toppings (cheese, onion, lettuce, tomatoe, sour cream). Yummy, quick, and little mess.
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    Foil Packet cooking

    in regards to the biscuit pizza, do you precook the biscuit first? or just place the toppings on the raw biscuit and then cook?
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    Racoons...and how they've evolved.

    New to camping I made a lot of mistakes about a week ago. I left the garbage out our first night camping, which in retrospect I realize that we are now a target for all the raccoons in the CG. The next night, I had a little trash but no food in the can so I left it. Well since the raccoons...
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    Recommend me a good coffee brand for percolator

    Not a perculator, but I received the Coleman propane drip coffee maker. It is great. Starts right up. I can set it up the night before and just turn on the propane, and push the ignitor. Great coffee, and is very hot. LOVE IT! probably up there in my top 5 camping gadgets.
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    Pressurized camp shower

    you've just described the Zodi extreme camp shower. Its awesome but about $160.00.
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    1975 Apache Ramada

    congratulations on your purchase! I'm also an Apache owner, a 74 Ramada. May I suggest for your restoration, repairs, parts information. Also check out for parts. Enjoy the process and once you get it how you like it, you'll love this gem.
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    Awning Anchors.

    I realize this is an old thread but I love this idea and had some questions. Do you just use the umbrella stands, or do you use other staking as well for the awning i.e. guy lines?
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    pics of vintage folding campers

    Unstabletripod, those pictures are awesome. They look like brochure pictures. Nice find.
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    How ugly was your camper? Show me your re-decorated campers!

    Here's my before shot. When I pop my camper up, I"ll take After shots. I just wanted to let Saratoga know that I too have a 70's interior, or had anyway.
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    How ugly was your camper? Show me your re-decorated campers!

    Check out this thread there are some redecorated ones in there.
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    Apple Bacon BBQ chicken

    Isn't that the truth !!! everything does taste better when your camping. Thanks I"ll give it a try and hope for the best.
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    instant light or regular charcoal

    Where does one find the lump oak, or lump mesquite, I've only noticed Kingsford charcoal. Would I go to a upscale grocery store, or a barbeque retailer for this? I've love to add more flavor using this type of charcoal.
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    Apple Bacon BBQ chicken

    I'm gettn the picture. Why wait until tomorrow when you can camp today!!! Would I put the temp at med high heat? Sorry to ask such noob questions. But I've only grilled meats directly on top of the grate never a dutch oven. I have a gauge on my grill that's accurate so what should I aim for?

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